Call for Participation – 30 Days Challenge 15 Feb – 15 Mar

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Dear fellow writers, the new Seekyt changes will hopefully initiate an avalanche of new activities and interactions on the site! Having these positive changes and content guidelines in mind, we can contribute in making our favorite website even better. You’ll probably agree that a new 30 Days Challenge would be a great start! Announcement: The new a 30 Days Challenge on Seekyt will take plece in the period between 15 Feb – 15 March. Rules for participation: 1. Check out the official content guidelines and follow them as you produce new content. 2. Have fun! Tips for participation: – Do the keywords research (preferably as suggested by admin – save his keyword research post on the subject for future reference) – Try to make your articles longer than the minimum; use 800-1500 words (this is not a rule, just a tip for a better article quality) – Include your own photos in the article – Make your own video or find one you can use for your new article – Interlink your Challenge articles properly – Read and comment on articles, share your favorites with your social networks ***If you’re stuck with writing ideas, or experiencing a writer’s block, don’t understand what a 30 Days Challenge is, or simply don’t know where to start, you’ll find additional resources to get you started here: What is a 30 Days Challenge and How to Participate? ***Not motivated? Or, you don’t know what to write about? Refer to this article to develop a strategy for generating new article writing ideas: How to Develop Writing Ideas For Your Articles? ***To see how we did in the last 30 Days Challenge, please read this report: Oct 2011 30 Days Challenge report for Seekyt If you’re new or still have some unanswered questions, please refer to Seekyt Learning Sources: Learn More About Seekyt Starting with 15 Feb, you can post links to your Challenge articles in this journal (in the comments below). If you know basic HTML, you can make your links clickable (refer to this article about embedding links in comments and journals). This is not obligatory, so if it’s too much trouble for you, just copy and paste the links in comments, and people will do the same using their browser to read the articles. P.S. Spread the word about the upcoming challenge, send a message to your referrals to inform them about the challenge, talk about it, make it work for you and your fellow writers! Looking forward to your participation! The more the merrier! * * * UPDATE: You can read about the individual progress of this 30 Days Challenge participants in their Challenge logs: Skeffling’s Challenge Log Jasmine’s Challenge Log Ddraig’s Challenge Log * * * UPDATE: As you may notice in the comments, some Seekyt members are participating in this challenge as a “challenge in a challenge” (I’m referring to the big 500 articles in 365 days – 1 year). Participants in the mentioned challenge may be authours from any writing community. You may want to think about joining this challenge to gain more exposure and increase your article database. Learn more about the Writers Challenge in a journal posted by careercounselor. * * * IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you decide to continue publishing on TopicSpotter from now on, the articles you post there still count as part of this challenge. This means you can post the links to your TopicSpotter articles in this journal, too! * * *

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Call for Participation – 30 Days Challenge 15 Feb – 15 Mar, Seekyt
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