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Cameras: The bridge between sight and vision

What a pleasure it is to see the splendors of the world and arrest it in time. Cameras are wonderful devices in the sense that they let you grab a moment out of the eternal circle of time and keep it with you as a tangible evidence of your memory, with all the details of that vision intact. The evolution of cameras has been a wonderful story. Starting from the first picture titled “View from a Window” by Joseph NicÇphore NiÇpce in 1826, where bitumen plates were treated with lavender oil for over-exposure, to the Digital revolution that is ruling the roost today. Later in 1861, Robert Sutton, an English professor, made the first Single lens reflex camera. Since then, the process of adding new and superior features to this device has been carried out by many companies.

The name that comes to mind as soon as a person hears the word camera is Kodak. The Eastman Company launched the first built-in roll-film box camera and named it so, which brought with it the dawn of an age known as “the modern era of photography.” The Polaroid camera made its way in 1947 and after many other such milestones, cameras were digitized and available for consumer use with the AppleQuicktake 100 in 1994.

With the invention of electric image sensors that could capture millions of pixels, the next epoch of photography and videography was reached. Exquisite detailing was achieved; iconic photos adorned the covers of all the famous magazines of the world.

Nowadays, the DSLR (digital single reflex cameras) have emerged as the favorites of photography enthusiasts across the globe, with exquisite quality of images and a host of features that make the experience of photography a pleasure. So much so, that many filmmakers have also decided to switch to digital videography, citing major benefits such as lesser costs, ease of editing, greater freedom while shooting etc. However, puritans and many eminent filmmakers like P.T. Anderson have stated that they do not want to compromise the image quality and texture that films give for any of the conveniences offered by digital photography.

Canon and Nikon are the two manufacturers that have dominated the world of cameras all along. The cameras manufactured by these two giants have been delivering precious, top of the line images. They allow you to experiment with the form and substance and give enough scope to put in your artistic impressions to alter the nature of the result.

Nowadays, different companies are making a foray into the world of cameras, Samsung being one of them. With the advent of superior cameras in mobile phones, it might seem that the demand for cameras is sliding. Though they have had an impact on the numbers, but there are still enthusiasts who prefer the feeling of fiddling with lenses, focus and depth to bring out subjects and stories in visuals missed by the naked eye.

Photography as a passion seems to be catching up again. There are many young people out there who want to express their perspective and vision of their surroundings through images. The stories that come out as a result are a reflection of different cultures but collectively represent the vision of humanity today, which may in effect, be a source of inspiration, or reparation, for the generations to come!

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