Camping With Your Grandkids

Kids love the outdoors; therefore it is nothing unusual for our grandchildren to ask if they can go camping with us. We find it very rewarding to think we are instilling a joy we have for camping into our grandkids by including them in a lot of our trips. We also think and hope one day in the future to have the privilege of camping with them and their families.

Even though there is a lot of fun taking the kids with us it can also be quite a challenge. Kids need to have things to do to occupy themselves. Keeping them entertained is not that hard with the proper preparation. For the younger children we always have toys with us for their entertainment. Balls, bad mitten sets, Frisbees, etc. For the older ones we have basketballs, footballs. Bat-balls- and gloves, etc. We even carry a kid’s water sprinkler for them to use during the extremely hot part of the summer. In addition, we have our rainy weather survival kit. It contains coloring books, crayons, markers, paper and pencils, books, play dough, small inside toys, and movies.

It also helps to plan trips to campgrounds that are more kid friendly than others. We have several campgrounds that are our favorites for the kids. By booking certain lots we have found we can get a lot of brownie points with these children with very little work from us.

At Long Point we have several lots that we can actually sit under our awning and watch the grand kids playing at the playground. This works well with our younger grandkids but the older ones enjoy some playground time too. We always book the outside lots that have the river right behind the camper. This allows for the older to kids to fish while we sit at the back of the camper and visit with other campers. We believe they enjoy playing in the water more than the fishing. In addition, we always take their bicycles with us and find pleasure in taking them for rides all around the campground.

Another challenge with taking your grandchildren camping, you will find they are always hungry. For ourselves we don’t think about snacks and being thirsty all day, but with the little jewels they stay hungry and thirsty. I will always plan a few special things for each of them. Of course when it is meal time they get super excited. We cook most of our meals outside from breakfast to dinner. The children love to watch grandpa get out the outdoor grill because that usually means he is going to cook them a hamburger which seems to be about their favorite meal.

We have found that even simple basic things are fun for them. When you tell them it is time for a shower they are ready to go. Getting ready to go to the shower house brings out giggles. By the end of the day we always have some very tired grandkids. Bedtime becomes no problem at all because they are wore out. After a good night sleep they wake up refreshed and raring to do it all over again.

When camping with your grandchildren, whatever the situation is, being prepared is the answer to having fun with them and also still having a relaxing trip for yourself. Simple planning from bubbles to bikes or cookies to coloring books you are spending time and forming lifetime memories. Happy grandkids will make awesome memories for us as well as them.

When your camping adventure is over and you are on your way home, to hear these kids say thanks for taking us camping with you it will defiantly tug at your heart strings. Better yet is to hear them ask when they can go with us again. All these memories we are building together is worth a million dollars to us. I say go enjoy your camping but don’t forget to have fun with your grandchildren.