Can an iRenew Bracelet Improve My Health and Energy?

iRenew Energy Bracelets

The number of energy drinks, increased Starbucks cup size, and over the counter uppers sold in grocery stores and mini marts tell the secret that people want more energy. High stress levels lead to low energy. People crave a mental and physical boost. Those who watch TV have probably heard of the iRenew, an energy balancing bracelet. The commercial says, ‘athletes and celebrities have paid hundred, even thousands of dollars to the get their hands on this technology.’ Since athletes and celebrities wear them does that mean the iRenew bracelet improve health and really gives you more energy?

iRenew Bracelet Materials

The iRenew bracelet is made out of silicone. Energy bracelets claim they use the ‘natural frequencies’ in the air and around the person’s body. These ‘energized bracelets’ use the natural frequencies to balance the energy imbalances in a person’s energy field. How does a silicone bracelet with a metal clasp have the power to realign energy fields?

The silicone bracelet is nothing but silicone, metal, and the placebo effect. IRenew bracelets promise immediate results, for some, but they do not make people healthier, stronger, or more energetic, at least not because of the iRenew bracelet materials. Silicone bracelets are not materials that help improve health, increase energy, or correct balance.

Does the iRenew Bracelet Boost Energy? Can an iRenew Bracelet Improve My Health?


The TV ad for the iRenew bracelet sounds amazing. The iRenew bracelet ad appeals to those who feel down, tired, and fatigued. The iRenew isiRenew Bracelet - Does it Make Me Healthier a tempting silicone bracelet promising renewed energy and well-being immediately, just by putting it on. The iRenew bracelet claims to help improve strength, balance, and overall health. Pressure sales tell people to ‘call now to order iRenew’ so they can get a discount iRenew bracelet with the ‘two iRenew bracelets for the price of one’ offer. Energy bracelets are an impulse buy for many consumers who want to improve health and energy and just feel better overall.

Energy bracelets have gained a lot of popularity. The iRenew bracelet is advertised on television and in magazines, but it is more of a fashion statement and trend than something that has a medical basis to it. Before ordering products like the iRenew it is important to read iRenew customer reviews. While some of the reviews are positive, most of those just state that it ‘worked’ without mentioning why it worked and its mechanism of action. Some people who spend money on these silicone energy bracelets like the iRenew bracelet or the Power Balance wristband end up wasting money that could have been spent on something that really does work.

The iRenew does not contain anything that could make it balance a person’s energy field. It is fancy wording wrapped in silicone, sold as a bracelet, and as one forum post said, ‘My wallet is much lighter now which improves my balance.’

Why Does the iRenew Bracelet Work for Some People?

There are many positive reports about the iRenew bracelet. Some people claim that they felt more energy immediately. People who order an iRenew without reading about wristband balance scams first may swear they feel better and have improved energy. Although there is no real scientific evidence to back the iRenew bracelet health and energy claims, some people say that it works and they swear by an iRenew. Why does it work for some people?

People who feel stronger or more energy wearing an iRenew bracelet are responding to the placebo effect. The brain is more powerful than any bracelet. When humans think that something is supposed to work a certain way then they have the ability and power to manifest the results themselves. If silicone bracelets like the iRenew make you feel stronger or more balanced, great. Whatever works. Harness that energy.

The power of the placebo effect can physiologically change people, so if the iRenew works for you then that is wonderful. Someone who believes can be mighty. The medical claims by iRenew are unfounded, but the placebo effect is used in science all the time. If you put on the silicone iRenew bracelet thinking believing the iRenew claim that it makes people feel better then it’s likely you will respond to those messages from your brain.

Do Copper Bracelets Work or Are All Health Bracelets a Scam?

Health bracelets have been used for years. Alternative medicine and folks remedies produce all sorts of health bracelets, but not all of them are disproved like the iRenew bracelet or the Power Balance wristband. Copper bracelets are a health bracelet often worn to help reduce arthritis and joint pain. Compare silicone iRenew bracelets vs copper bracelets. Silicone bracelets and copper bracelets are vastly different because they are made out of different material.

Copper is a trace mineral that the human body needs. Copper and the use of copper bracelets for inflammatory disorders have been sceintifically studied for over 30 years. There are varying reports on whether or not copper bracelets work. Controvery always comes with alternative medicine treatments like copper bracelets. Copper is absorbed through the skin by people who wear copper bracelets, rings, and ankle bracelets. Since the skin absorption increases the copper levels in the body, even ever so slightly, it may help for localized inflammation such as arthritis in the hands or wrists.

The health claims of copper bracelets are specific whereas the iRenew silicone bracelet is extremely vague. There is no plausible reason that a silicone bracelet works other than the placebo effect. The iRenew bracelets are simply customize silicone bracelets. Silicone bracelets are easy to personalize and they are sold for fundraising and other events. The iRenew is a personalized silicone bracelet that has a metal tag and clasp. It lacks energy boosting and health properties. At least the reasoning behind the copper bracelets make better sense.