Can Anybody Drive A Van?

There are certain legal requirements to consider when you are looking to rent a van, and many people question whether they will be able to handle something the size of a Luton van if they are only accustomed to driving the family car. Checking your licence, asking the rental company, and looking on the DVLA website will help determine the size of van you are allowed to drive on your licence, and because most modern vans have the same features and driving features as modern cars, if you have any kind of experience of driving a car then you should be able to quickly pick up the ability to drive a van.

There are some differences that you need to be aware of, not least the size and the fact that larger vans may struggle to fit into streets and under bridges with restricted heights or widths, but beyond this, taking things slowly and asking your passenger for assistance should help overcome any potential problems or any nerves that you are feeling.

Most people are entitled to drive a van weighing up to 3.5t on their standard driving licence. The Luton van is a good example of the larger type of van you will be able to drive, although many people find that something the size of a Transit van, which is a little smaller, is enough for their needs. If you are moving house, though, the Luton may be the best option because it will require fewer journeys and you may be able to benefit from a tail lift to make loading and unloading easier too.

Even the Transit van is larger than a car, and it is natural that some people will feel nervous when considering getting behind the wheel of one. However, the actual driving is virtually exactly the same because the controls, including the gearbox, is the same as you will find in the majority of family cars and the only real difference when driving is that you will have to use your wing mirrors more because of the likely lack of an interior rear view mirror.

With that said, it is important that you realise there are differences. Primarily, you need to understand that any size of van is bigger than a car. It is longer, taller, and typically wider too. If you are driving unknown routes you may want to check that there are no height restrictions and, if there are, ensure that your van will fit. Luton vans are also wide, and will not fit through anything that is 6ft 6 or narrower. In terms of length, always allow extra room when turning, when overtaking, and when parking and you should be fine.

Vans can be extremely beneficial and useful if you need to move something that simply won’t fit in your car. They are easy to rent, most models can be rented with a standard driving licence, and you can benefit from a number of additional features and benefits available from the rental company that you choose.

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