Can Breast Reduction Surgery Improve the Quality of a Woman's Life?

Excess fat, glandular tissue and skin in the breasts can result in overly large breasts that are unattractive and also cause physical discomfort and mental trauma. Breast liposuction can resolve the issue.

Why Breast Reduction Surgery

While many women look to enhance their breast size and shape with breast augmentation, there are others who are tormented by excessively large breasts. The concerns associated with very large breasts include

• Neck pain and headaches
• Skin irritation or rashes
• Limits ability to participate in physical activities and sports
• Spine-related problems
• Feel self-conscious in public places
• Low self-esteem
• Difficult to fit comfortably in favorite outfits

A breast reduction procedure can help alleviate all of these concerns, restore an attractive body contour and enhance self-confidence and quality of life.

Liposuction – Breast Reduction without Surgery

Traditional breast reduction is an invasive procedure which involves cutting the breast to remove large amounts of breast tissues. Breast reduction using liposuction is a newer option which is preferred over the conventional method for many reasons:

• There is no surgery. The process is much simpler and performed using minimally invasive laser liposuction technology
• Only tiny incision under the breast fold is necessary which heals quickly and is barely visible
• Reduced surgical trauma as the procedure is performed using local anesthesia
• Quicker healing time, enabling patients to resume normal activities soon
• Minimal scarring and loss of nipple sensation
• Superior skin tightening effects

SmartLipo Triplex liposuction offers these benefits. This laser lipolysis workstation blends triple laser wavelengths of 1440, 1064 and 1320 nm with MultiPlex technology to effectively melt the fat cells and tightens the skin, providing the desired improvements. The key to obtaining optimal results and ensuring safe treatment is having the procedure performed by a plastic surgeon with experience in using this novel technology.

Breast reduction can improve the quality of a woman’s life. According to one report, a study reported that 74% of the women respondents experienced relief from back and neck pain in comparison to 21% who had not undergone surgery. Another study presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Plastic Surgery conference in 2009 also claimed a decreased risk for spine and other back disorders after surgery to reduce breast size. A more recent ASPS study confirms increased overall well-being for women after breast reduction. Celebrities have also benefited. Ace tennis player Simona Halep reported that her career improved after breast reduction surgery.