News Can Deep Breathing Bring Stress Relief?

Can Deep Breathing Bring Stress Relief?


The connection between how we breathe and feel has been noticed since long ago. In many ancient practices such as yoga or Qui-Qong, a lot of attention is placed upon a proper breathing. Why?

What Is The Deep Breathing?

Deep breathing is when you fill your lungs with air as much as possible; yes, it may look like e tiresome task, because you need to stress your lungs to let the air in, but it is actually not. What I mean deep breathing practice should not be don forcefully; you should relax and start breathing making it deeper and deeper very gradually. If you force yourself too much the uncomfortable feeling will come (it could be a head ache, fatigue, etc.). While you need to make some effort to breathe deeper than you usually do, it should not cause any discomfort. Once you feel it, stop your breathing exercises.

How to Breathe Properly?

I will tell you three simple exercises that can help you breathe deeper.
1. Stand straight. Raise your arms slowly above your head; once you start raising them, inhale slowly all the way you are raising your arms. When they reached the top position above your head, lower them down slowly along the sides of your body with exhale. Repeat 3 times; you can increase the number of times you do the exercise, but never cross the line when your start feeling bad.
2. Sit comfortably, relax. Empty your lungs, and then start inhaling the air slowly, filling your belly with the air, then the middle part of your chest, then the upper part, and slightly raising your shoulders. Then with exhale, slowly lower everything in the same order.
3. Lie on a bed or sofa, relax. Breathe slowly in the same order as mentioned in the point 2.
The key to the effectiveness of these exercises is relaxation and slow performance. Do not hurry.

So Will It Help Me To Fight Stress?

Yes, but not immediately. Once you start your breathing practice, you will notice positive changes in you, especially in how you react to life circumstances. Breathing is closely connected to our emotional reactions and balance, and when you regularly practice deep breathing you will be able to control your emotions and thus will fight stress long term. But keep in mind that you need to practice breathing and do not push it, go slow, but be regular.

Can Deep Breathing Bring Stress Relief?
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