Can I Get A Free Car Donated To Me If I Am On Welfare or Low Income?

If you need a car donated to you because you are on welfare or fall below the poverty line, there are several car donation programs that can help you. The way car donations works is that someone who has a car they no longer want for one reason or another donates the car to charity and they get a tax break. The car may be just sitting around, or it may be from a deceased spouse or family member or it may be that the person is getting a new car and wish to have the old car go to charity. Whatever the case, car donations help people in many type of situations.

One of those situations are low income families or single mothers on welfare or people living below the poverty line who may need a little help getting a car to live their daily lives. In many cities, getting around without a car is nearly impossible, but so is the extra added expense of actually having to buy a new or used car. People who are on welfare, poor and living below the poverty line are more concerned with spending little bit of money they have on the bare necessities of life. However, having a car is also fast becoming one of those bare necessities especially with those who need to find work, get to work or have children.

You can check with any place that accepts car donations. When these cars are donated, they are usually fixed up and either sold to raise money for charity or in the case of some families living below the poverty level they are either given away or sold at a very very low cost to people who are on welfare, poor and living below the poverty line.

One of the most well-know charities that give away cars to the poor or those who have the financial need is 1-800-Charity-Cars. So that is one place that you can check with right away and fill out their online form. There are other charities like 1-800-Charity-Cars that can help you so seek them out. You can also check with you local church or religious organization. Many times people donate their cars to their religious place of worship and those places of worship fix up the cars and sell them to help others or give them to poor families who need them.

There is no need to suffer if you need a free car or a car at a very low price if you are on welfare or living below the poverty line. There are many options.

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