Can I Get Car Insurance Without A License?

Although insurance companies in most states do not advertise it, one can always get auto insurance even if you do not own a driver’s license yet. The good reasons why it is best to get a car insurance without even owning a driver’s license is that since it is a requirement in every state that each vehicle should be insured if it is driven on a public, you will feel comfortable even if someone else drives your car. However, it may be quite difficult to get an auto insurance when you are not yet licensed to drive.

When shopping online for auto insurance quotes, you will find out that they will give you an insurance quote only when you provide them with a driver’s license number. The auto insurers would need it for them to get your driving record which they would use to check the insurance cost that they would charge you. There are other sites that will let you type in a zero number or that it is okay to skip the driver’s license number field, however you may not get an accurate auto insurance quote.

Reasons for Needing Auto Insurance with No License

There are times when you will need auto insurance even without a driver’s license. One common reason is when you own a car but will not be able to drive it. Such are the cases of most older or disabled adults who are unable to drive, but will need to keep their cars, and hire other people to drive it. In cases like that, the auto insurance company would most likely need the names and license numbers of your appointed drivers for them to be able to get your cars insured, and your auto insurance premium will then be based on their driving record.

The auto insurer would usually ask you to renew your license if it already expired, or if it has been suspended, you would have to do whatever is needed for you to lift your suspension in thirty to forty-five days. If you will not able to do it before your grace period ends, then, you would not be able to get an auto insurance at all.

When someone is convicted of driving without a license, the state laws will ask him to carry auto insurance with him at all times even if he has not used his car or own one. The reason for it is to protect other people if you do go on driving without your driver’s license. Certain insurance companies specialize in assisting unlicensed drivers on how to get their auto insurances. You can look for cheaper auto insurance for unlicensed drivers if you shop around locally or if you search online. Always remember though that just because you have an auto insurance does not mean that you are given permission or have the privilege to drive without a driver’s license. You still need to obey the state laws which give you the credibility to eventually get your license.

What About Buying A Car? Can I Get A Car Without A License?

If you want to know if you can get a car without a driver’s license, the answer is ‘yes’ in most states. You just can’t drive it without a license. You will have to check with your state laws because some states require even a parked car to have a registration, which you will need to get from your Department of Motor Vehicles. To be safe, check with you state’s DMV.

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