Can Yoga Help With Stress?

I guess you know what yoga is: it is all about postures, breathing and meditation. In essence it is but have you ever thought how it works?
In western countries we often treat exercises form an analytical point of view: what muscles get strained or stretched, what organs are massaged, etc. But such eastern practices as yoga have a different approach – a holistic one.

‘Holistic’ means complete; a particular practice is not aimed at your belly, hip or other parts of the body but rather bring to a balance the body in a whole. Too much effort? It may seem in the begging, but the result is really worth it: you get your body to a healthy state which lasts.

Now Let’s Be More Specific: How Yoga Can Help With Stress?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the meditation. It is true – the meditation can help reduce stress, but it is not enough. Since yoga is a complete system to bring and keep your body and mind in a healthy state, you need to follow a full practice; don’t worry, you don’t have to bend your spine like a circus artist, but you still need to do more than one exercise.

Meditation can help to bring peace to your mind and this is true, but how? Do you think that just sitting and trying to get rid of any thought will help? No. You need to prepare your mind. And such preparation is done through asanas or yoga postures and the proper breathing.

Yoga postures in short will do two things for you:

1. They will make your body healthy through the physical activity

2. They will improve the energy currents in your body.

Then you practice Pranayama or breathing exercises to strengthen and control these currents of energy.

And finally you can mediate when your own body is under control; this is not the full control because you are still a subject to natural impulses such as hunger, etc., but it is already something you achieved. The meditation here puts you in a control of your mind. This is not a quick process but it works. And guess what happens when you will be able to control your mind at least to some extent?