News Can You Cheat Emotionally- Emotional Infidelity

Can You Cheat Emotionally- Emotional Infidelity


Can you cheat emotionally? This is a question that is asked by both men and women, however, It is women that tend to be more accusatory in this area. Many men don’t give in to this type of emotional cat and mouse thinking they are more likely to flat out accuse their spouse of cheating. Emotional infidelity is real and can wreck havoc in a relationship and even destroy it if it isn’t stopped. The problem is that emotional infidelity is very subtle and starts out innocently enough with her or him talking to someone of the opposite sex to share their thoughts and feelings to gain a insight into what is going on in a relationship that is going bad.

Let me say right now, it is not a good idea to talk about intimate details of a relationship that you’re currrently in with someone of the opposite sex. Don’t do it, don’t even think about it, as this is how emotional infidelity starts. I will repeat don’t do it! When you share what is in your heart with a person of the opposite sex, feelings get mixed up and the next thing you know a transfer of feelings from you to them creates a bond that has crossed over the line into emotional infidelity.

You will find yourself, not only wanting, but needing, to talk to them every day. They are the only one who understands what you’re going through and the only one who will comfort you and make everything FEEL better. When you will begin to anticipate time with your ‘friend’ more and more and can’t wait to see or talk to them you have stepped over into emotional cheating. At this point, your partner is no longer important to you and all you want is to be with your so called ‘friend’.

Even if there are no problems in your relationship it should be a no no to have intimate conversations with members of the opposite sex or the next thing you know there WILL be problems. Why take a chance and open the door to emotional cheating? Once you step through that door the next step takes you right to the bedroom door. Find a friend of the same sex to talk to and share common interests with and then there is no risk of emotional infidelity.

Can you cheat emotionally? You sure can and it will sneak up on you if you’re not careful to heed the advice given.

Can You Cheat Emotionally- Emotional Infidelity
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