Can You Copy Wii Game Discs? Learn How Here

Are you ever thinking of how to copy Wii game to DVD discs? Searching for tips on how to create a backup discs that have exact same quality contents of original game disc? If you have such questions puzzle on your mind, then you come into the right place. Keep on reading below article to find out step-by-step on how to copy Wii games to hard drive and burn a backup disc easily.

The original Wii game discs are expensive investment. Many enthusiastic video gamer spent several hundred dollars every month to buy the brand new released Wii game. This become worst and fracturing when those game discs got scratches and damage happen to them and you tend buy another discs for replacement.

In order to continue with video game excitement, there are still many video game players out there who struggle their way out by search tricks and method on how to effectively store Wii game backup to prevent them from accidentally damage and deterioration.

Thankfully, it is possible to copy Wii games and make a backup discs to a DVD with using the appropriate and reliable Wii game copy software that installed on your PC.

You definitely can’t use the normal MP3 or video burning software such as Nero for game copy proposes. What you did it just wasting your blank DVD and it may cause damage to your DVD burner as well.

Nintendo company has own highly professional and trained game program expert who hired to develop encrypted codes which hardly to decode and protect their works from being able to read the data by other. If your home laptop DVD drive not able to read and detect the game disc, obviously you can’t make copies of Wii games. So, learn how to protect and make copy of Wii game is essential knowledge that need to master in order to protect your investment and save money as well.

Somehow, there is a software to copy Wii game available on the market. This game copy software been develop to support and compatible for multiple platform gaming console like Xbox 360, PS3, PS1, PS2, Nintendo Wii and even PC.

You don’t need be a technical geek or well-know programming knowledge skill in order to make a Wii game copy. It is pretty simple to use and you can burn and back up Wii game fast within minutes.

How To Copy Wii Games To DVD
Before go into depth on how to backup Wii game, there are some basic tools that you need to prepare such as blank DVD, a DVD burner ( external or internal both work fine), a original Wii game disc and a reliable game copy software.

  1. First of all, the key element to determine the success of copy Wii game depend on the copy Wii game software itself. There are tons of scam sites out there where allow you download free Wii game copy software but over 90% of them are infected by various kind of viruses and malware what may harm your computer. In such case, you need to know how to pick a professional and reliable game copy program that can get the job done fast and effectively. You can either do some research in digital forum or read user’s testimonies regrading the particular software before buy and download them into your computer.
  2. Once you make you mind of which software to use, download the executable file into your computer hard drive. Place the file where you easily located. The Wii game copy software should be compatible across OS where supportable for Windows, Mac and Linux operating system as well.
  3. Now install the software by following the instruction given on the screen. You just need to click on ‘Next’ button every time it prompt you a message box. Create a shortcut icon right on your desktop so that you can easily access your software in future.
  4. After finish installed the game copy program in your computer hard drive. Now choose a Wii game that you need to back up and place it inside the DVD drive.
  5. Now execute the application by double clicking the icon and launch the Wii game copy software that you installed just now. Next, you click on the extract button to start to copy Wii game file to hard drive. Typically, this step will convert the game file into a ISO image for hard drive storage. It will take couple of minute, once complete it will ask you where to store the file. Pick a path where you easy to remember as you will use it afterward. The ISO image file is essential and you can use it again every time you tend to make another copies of Wii game for future in case your backup game disc lost or damaged.
  6. Once done on creating ISO backup file, take out the original Wii game disc then insert in a blank DVD into the DVD burner and start with the burning process. This step pretty much similar with normal CD or video file backup burning where you just need to drag the ISO image file that just created into the Wii copy software then select ‘Write’ mode.
  7. It might took 2-3 minutes to burn the blank DVD to become an exact same quality of original Wii game disc. You’ll notice a pop up screen appear once it completed burning. Excellent! Now you have a brand new same gaming content of Wii game backup disc in your hand. You can start play copied Wii game anytime anywhere you wanted without worry of your disc will getting scratches or broken.Always remember to place your original game in a safe and secure place, as your can use it again in case backup game disc get lost or stolen one day.

With today advance technology, you don’t need a external modchip to jailbreak your Wii console in order to make a Wii game copy disc. This all can be done without mod or so called softmode. All you need it just a reliable Wii Game Copy Software download source where you can use it for copy, burn and make a backup of Wii game fast, easy and safe.