Can You Get an Actuarial Science Degree Online?

Do you have a long term goal of being an actuary, but don’t have the luxury of attending classes & lectures physically at a university themselves, however are prepared to do the work it takes to study an actuarial science degree online? Well you won’t find any dedicated university offering full online actuarial science degree programs. However, that doesn’t mean you can obtain your goal from a long distance learning point of view: there are two options you should consider i. is to study an online actuarial science course program (offered by two universities) below and ii. to complete an online degree in a quantitative field (as discussed in detail below).

#1 University of Washington, Seattle

If you head over to their website and search their department of applied mathematics, you can see they offer a four part online module course, within an actuarial certificate program. The four aspects covered are ‘derivatives’, ‘actuarial models’, ‘investment science’ and ‘models for life contingencies’ The course is there to provide you with prep work for oncoming actual actuarial exams that you would face to become a fully qualified actuary (after you have obtained a major) as well as acting to give you a tester to practical ‘in field’ actuarial work.

#2 Columbia University, New York City

The online acturial science course programs offered by Columbia University are known throughout the actuarial profession as a very reputable qualification to have. Certainly an excellent string to have added to your bow, when applying for actuarial graduate programs and internships. You have a choice depending on what level you are at — between an online actuarial science masters degree or like the University of Washington an online certificate program that is a bit more vigorous. They cover many of the aspects that you would in actual degree program in actuarial science, from linear regression to probability as well as studying actuarial methods, theories and models

Now, although you can’t do an actuarial science degree online specifically. To become an actuary you don’t actually NEED an actuarial science degree, it can be in a range of subjects and backgrounds — it is simply recommended that you have one to apply with for actuarial graduate jobs & internships. It is usually recommended that the major be in a quantitative subject such as economics, mathematics, statistics, finance, physics etc. all of these degrees are very common to find online.

E.g. with economics (look for the economics online degree directory) you will find Arizona State University, Ashford University, Liberty University, University of Florida just to name a few all offer economics degrees that you can complete online. Doing a degree in such a quantitative subject plus the actuarial science certificate programs from Columbia University or the University of Washington will stand you in really good stead. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the overview of the getting an actuarial science degree online, then please make them below.