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Can You Get This Chicken Across The Road?

Fans of the popular hit videogame, Frogger, will immediately take a liking to the Crossy Road game, in which players must help a fluffy little chicken (or other character) navigate a busy obstacle course of highway traffic and floating river logs. The game is an intense, action-packed game that moves quickly and requires a bit of strategy, thinking ahead, and quick reflexes. The game can become quite addicting, as players strive to avoid a mess of flurrying feathers from a head-on collision between fowl and four-wheeled vehicle. This article will highlight the basic game play, as well as some helpful hints for achieving success in the Crossy Road game.

How To Play

The primary focus of the game is quite simple. Players must control a character as he attempts to cross a street that is filled with vicious vehicles in every lane of traffic. Once players manage to get across the super speedy semis, cars, and trucks, they are required to help the character get to the other side of a wide river. There are a series of floating logs that pass by, and users need to jump from log to log to get their character across the water. It is imperative that players adeptly avoid the oncoming traffic as well as refrain from landing in the water while traversing the floating logs.

The game has an appearance reminiscent of Minecraft, with pixelated characters and settings. There are a few strategies and techniques that will help players clinch victory and get their character safely to the other side of town and on to the next level of the game.

Focus Focus Focus

An important tip to remember is to focus on not only your character, but on your surroundings as well. There are many different things happening in any given level. From the truck coming to your left, to the speedy car making its way towards you from the right, and the floating logs swishing by in front of you, it is crucial for players to focus not only on where their character is at any given moment, but also on what is occurring to either side, as well as in front of the character. If a player is fixated only on their character, they will not see oncoming obstacles and will end up getting hit by a car and run over.

Take A Step Back

Players may forget that they can backtrack and retrace their steps throughout a level. Users are not required to only step forward, and they have the option of moving back in order to avoid traffic coming at them that could run them over. Moving backwards and side-to-side is a great strategy for completing the level. Some players may be concerned about finishing the level in record time, but there is also the need to get to the end of the level without getting smushed! So, it is a smart move to step back and side-to-side, not primarily forward, as this will help users finish the level successfully.

Stay Centered

When crossing the river portion of the level, it is a good idea to start jumping from log to log in the middle, rather than close to either edge of the river. For example, if a player chooses to start crossing the river on the far right side, the moving log that they jumped on may reach the very edge of the river (and platform) and the player will lose that level. Therefore, it is best to begin jumping on the logs in the middle of the river, so that the moving logs will not deter the player too much, and there is some room for error and movement.

Players can visit crossyroadcheats.net for more tips and hints.

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