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Can You Save Money With Discontinued Fragrances? – Smelling Good Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune

If you want to smell your best, then I hope you have taken a few moments to consider the purchase of discontinued fragrances. Discontinued fragrances are a great way to get designer scents without having to pay that outrageous markup that those fragrances can bring. Just because a fragrance is discontinued doesn’t mean it is any good – it just means that it didn’t live up to the manufacturer’s profit margins, and so it has been abandoned for another product line that might bring in more money than that line. In fact, some of the best smelling fragrances are ones that have been discontinued.

You Can Pick Up Discontinued Fragrances Just About Anywhere

The beauty of purchasing discontinued fragrances is that they are available just about anywhere. When retailers purchase product from a manufacturer that ends up being discontinued, they don’t have the option of returning it to get their purchase price of the product back. That means they are stuck with it and need to get rid of it somehow. That’s why you can sometimes find discontinued fragrances at 70%, 80%, or even 90% off – because the retailer is just looking to get rid of the product without having to lose money on it. And if they can make a little off of it, all the better.

Some Discount Retailers Buy Discontinued Fragrances Exclusively

There are plenty of retail stores out there and everyone has their niche. Some provide high end clothing, some market to the middle class, and other market themselves as overstock discount retailers. The latter of these retailers will actually purchase the overstock discontinued fragrances from other retailers or will buy them directly from the manufacturer on the cheap because they just want to get rid of them. Then they resell them at a crazy good price because they got them at a crazy good price. The next time you are at a discount retailer, check to see what kinds of fragrances are there and what kind of crazy deals you can get.

Surprisingly, One of the Best Places is Thrift Stores

You know retailers – they want to get the most bang for their buck across the board. When it comes to discontinued fragrances, sometimes that means donating them to a tax exempt organization so they can write off their purchase price. The thrift store can then sell the discontinued fragrances for whatever price they see fit, and quite often these prices are so good that you have to go down to your local tax exempt thrift store to see what price is being offered for these fragrances. When it comes to getting a great deal, this is one of the hidden gems when it comes to picking up discontinued fragrances.

If you are looking to pick up designer fragrances but don’t want to pay the designer prices that come along with them, then consider checking out these options to pick up your discontinued fragrances today. With discontinued fragrances, you can literally smell like a million bucks without having to spend ten bucks, and that’s pretty awesome all around.

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