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Can You Test the Law of Attraction? Author Pam Grout Says, ‘Yes!’

Law of Attraction and the Field of Possibilities

What do you think?

Is there a limitless field of possibilities stretched across the universe that you control with your thoughts, intended or unintended? Can you train yourself to make your wildest dreams reality?

Putting Law of Attraction to the Test

Pam Grout, a gifted writer who seasons her paragraphs with playful energy and humor, puts her conclusions to the test in her book E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Realityimage.

Briefly, Grout says that there is an energy field of potential results in reality that we influence directly with our thoughts. For simplicity, she calls it ‘the FP,’ and treats it like a friend waiting to deliver whatever you clearly request.

The trouble, she tells us, is that we never get things vigorously clear in our minds. Our thoughts and intentions are entangled with both positive and negative expectations. We couple our desire to take a trip to Spain with ‘How the heck can I afford that?’ We get halfway across the Atlantic, then we yank ourselves back.

The FP, Grout says, is so reliable that if we can hold our positive expectations without tainting them with doubt or disbelief, it will deliver.

What makes her book so great is that, unlike the many other claimants to Law of Attraction mastery, Pam Grout accepts the ‘put up or shut up’ challenge by offering you nine easy to follow, free experiments that prove her point.

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Pam Grout’s Law of Attraction Experiments

One of the things you’ll like about this book and its experiments is the sparkling good humor with which she presents her case. She tames abstract theories from physics with real life examples and takes time to laugh at herself along the way.

This is no know-it-all guru here. This is plain as you and me Pam Grout, a wise and funny friend talking with you across the kitchen table. Maybe you’re sharing a bottle of inexpensive wine with her.

Each experiment is preceded with an explanation of the ideas behind it and science that supports it. It’s okay if conservative scientists might say she’s taking what we know about physics too far because she’s willing to be shown up with a test.

You’ll need to read Pam Grout’s book to get more details about the experiments. I won’t give away her ideas. But among other things, she sets you up to ask the FP to deliver a clearly requested result.

She doesn’t pull punches or give her arguments a way out. I like that. She has you write down the details of whichever of the nine experiments you are taking, your time frame for results and details of what should show up down the line. She even insists that you record what happened.

The book itself is an easy read, but as you take time to do the experiments one at a time, you won’t want to buzz through it in an afternoon. You’ll want to savor each experience and any lessons learned as you go along on the adventure of E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Realityimage.


I had a blast going through these experiments, and I believe you will too. No matter what, you will enjoy Pam Grout’s spirited sense of fun and questioning. More so, you will come away from the experiments with a feeling of wonder. You might just change your mind about what your life can be.

You can’t lose on this one. Give the experiments a try.

David Stone

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