Can Your Hi-Tech Car Be Hacked?

Nowadays, computers controls everything in our daily life including phones,home appliances and all communications,and even our cars.
News reports have raised the issue if hackers can hijack our cars.
And the answer is: Yes,if the car is controlled by a computer a hacker can size the control of this and hijack functions on your car.
• They can disable your vehicle.
• Hiking into the tire pressure system.
• Disabling brakes, stop the engine and so on.

Hackers can access your car computer through ports design for diagnostic system.And if your car has a wireless system the hacking can be done remotely.

How to protect your car from hacking

The auto manufacturers are responsible to secure the systems in your car.But because they are not expecting too many hackers to operate on cars the security systems can be very low.
What you can do:
• Familiarize yourself with the wireless systems on your car.
• See how the diagnostic system can be accessed.
• Find out if any of the systems can be operated remotely.
• If you have connection with your vehicle you have an entry point for hackers to operate into your system.
• Ask about remote shutdown.If you purchase your car through a leasing company or other form of financing find out if the financing company has a remote shutdown in relation with repossession and how this works and how is this secured against hackers.
• Do not service your car to unscrupulous mechanics who can alter your car security.
• Always use trust traders and brand authorise (main) dealers.
• Keep your car lock at all time and if possible under CCTV surveillance.

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