Canvas Messenger Bag Features

Are you looking for a canvas messenger bag? There are many types available and no single bag is going to be right for every buyer. Taking the time to familiarize yourself with different messenger bag features will help you make the right choice. The bag that is right for you will give you many years of good service.


Make sure the strap is adjustable to your needs. Some bags come with a strap that easily adjusts to two different lengths quickly. By using a large side release buckle (the plastic ones you have to squeeze on both sides), you can take a single strap and shorten it or lengthen it quickly by attaching or releasing the buckle.


How many pockets do you need? What size pockets are important to you? If you are looking for a bag to carry a computer, you will need to know the size of the computer before shopping. Computer screen sizes are measured diagonally. So a computer that has a 15 inch screen is not really that wide. But you need to know if the messenger bag gives its dimensions in actual width, or if the bag says something like ‘will fit a 15 inch computer.’ If it says it will fit a computer that is the right size or larger, then you are set. But if you are looking for a bag to be as small as possible and still fit your computer, you will need to measure them exactly.

Don’t forget to look for the right external pockets too. If you need to have a water bottle handy, then look for a bag that will keep your water from sweating on your paperwork or computer.

Front Closure

If you are using your canvas messenger bag in a quiet meeting room then you may want to shy away from heavy Velcro hook and loop fastener. Though it is more convenient, it also makes much more noise than a simple snap or side release buckles.

Extra Features

Do you need an ID badge holder that you can remove and replace quickly? Does the bag have good shoulder padding? Besides the shoulder strap, do you need to have a handle on the bag?

Some bags can be customized. Look around at the bag manufacturer’s website. You may find the bag you want, but need a different pocket configuration. Some bag makers will do custom layouts for a price. Checking out their website may give you more options than you find in your local store or even at Amazon.

You need to decide which features are most important to you and make your purchase. It is hard to make a specific recommendation for every reader because they will all be looking for a different set of features. Armed with this information, you are much better prepared to make a good decision when it comes time to buy your canvas messenger bag.