Capresso EC50 Vs DeLonghi EC155: Comparing the EC50 and EC155

Capresso EC50 or DeLonghi EC155 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will compare two popular & similarly priced (at around the $100 mark) Espresso machines — Capresso EC50 Vs DeLonghi EC155 — through firstly providing an overview of each and then a concluding section that highlights their significant differences from one another. From this, you will get a clear idea as to what each machine has to offer you and which one is better suited to you & your espresso/cappuccino needs.

Capresso EC50 Overview

The EC50 is a classic stainless steel gourmet coffee machine (priced around the $100 mark), that is integrated with a ‘lined thermoblock’ heating system fitted with 15 bars of pressure so it promptly executes perfectly brewed espressos.

Moreover, it has a water reservoir capacity of 42 ounces that’s removable so you can easily fill it and clean it every now and again (likewise with its drip & cup warming tray). It also locks in to place the filter to make sure that its firmly secure and can’t be moved (it also the ability to double up and produce ‘perfect crema’).

You also get unlimited steam output, idea for steaming or frothing milk for lattes etc. and the swivel frother allows you to use it in pitches and tall glasses. The EC50 also comes with an auto rinsing cycle to make sure your beverages always hit the right temperature, it does this through cleaning internal parts & components.

Rating: 62% (sourced | Dimensions: 11.5′ x 10.2′ x 7.2′ |

DeLonghi EC155 Overview

The EC155 is an incredibly popular 15 bar Espresso machine and for good reason too its a quality machine available at a budget price (just under $80), hence offers incredible value for money.

It allows you to either use pods or ground up espresso, which ever you prefer due to its unique dual filter holder. The EC155 also specifically caters for a cappuccino and espresso, boiling them at two different levels (not a standard one) to get the optimal taste for both drinks.

The EC155 includes a range of beneficial features such as its self priming operation (saving you time & hassle to set everything up), the 35 oz removable water tank & drip tray and utilizes a long-lasting stainless steel interior boiler — allowing everything to be incredible easy & quick to clean. Moreover, it also comes with a swivel jet frother that produces a ‘rich, creamy froth for perfect drinks every time’.

Rating: 78% (sourced | Dimensions: 7.50′ x 9.50′ x 11.12′ |

What’s the Difference Between the EC50 and EC155?

As you can see they are quite similar, but there are some subtle yet significant differences. For instance, the EC50 has a slightly larger water tank and operates slightly differently with the frother & ability to steam milk. The EC155 comes with the self primer operation system, saving you time waiting around & has the dual function filter holder.

Should You Buy the DeLonghi EC155 or Capresso EC50?

When it comes to which one to choose, I would go with the EC155 as to put it simply it is a ‘great espresso, [at an] incredible price!‘ — from long term reviewers, it is clear the EC155 is the better & more reliable machine. But which espresso machine will you buy and why, the EC50 or EC155?

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