Car Battery Jump Starter

Have you ever returned to your car after a great time to find you left your lights on and your battery is dead? Let me tell you, I have had so many awful experiences like this that I decided to buy a car battery jump starter to keep in my car! See, I am a mom to 7 kids. Yes, that wasn’t a typo! I went through the whole gameboy craze and it left my minivan dead on countless occasions. For some strange reason, every time the kids left a gameboy charging in the minivan it would kill the battery. I got tired of having to ask strangers to give me a jump start. Yes, there is AAA. However, they only give you a certain amount of service calls. The perfect solution to this problem is having your own car battery jump starter.

Are portable jump starters easy to use?

Battery jump starters are user friendly. Easy enough for someone like me that knows absolutely nothing about cars! All you have to do is take the jump starter out of your trunk, clip the corresponding cables to the battery and start the car. The jump starter brings an easy to follow manual with illustrations.

Are there different types of jump starters?

Yes, there is a car battery jump starter with air compressor. I like that model because they can be used to fill up your

Great Gift Idea for New Drivers

When each of my children started driving, I got each a jump starter and a first aid kit. (They also have AAA because it pays for itself in towing costs alone.) I can’t tell you how many times they have come in handy. New drivers tend to forget to shut off the headlights or interior lights. They have also used it to help out their friends.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to use a car booster or battery jump starter!

Have a teen driver? Get them one today. These also make great gifts for dads and the person that has everything! Hope you enjoyed my review! Please, take the time to share with your friends and family by email, twitter, facebook, pinterest or your favorite social media site!