Car Care Tips to Save Money on Gas

Even if prices at the pump are higher than you’d like, there are still things you can do to make your car as fuel efficient as possible. Check out the infographic below for a full list of car care tips to save money on gas.

Be proactive and make sure you’re using the right kind of motor oil. Doing that can result in a one to two percent improvement in gas mileage. Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see if there are recommendations of what kind to use. Otherwise, check the label and opt for varieties that say they’re ‘energy conserving.’ Also, replace your air filter if your vehicle was made after 1980. That can improve acceleration ability and fuel efficiency in those older models.

Avoid aggressive driving, because it wastes gas, and could even put you at risk for getting a traffic ticket. A driver feedback device can help you determine if you’re doing well on the roads, or if there’s room for improvement. When possible, slow down, either consciously, or by using cruise control. After you go faster than 50 miles per hour, fuel efficiency tends to go down drastically.

If your car is excessively heavy, that can adversely impact fuel efficiency, too. For every 100 pounds of weight you remove, fuel efficiency can go up by a percent. Removing the back seats if they’re not used often could go a long way.

Make sure to take your car for regular tune-ups, too. That’s especially true if your vehicle was recently unable to pass an emissions test. A well tuned-up car may save you nearly a dime per gallon.

Infographic courtesy of CJ Pony Parts, a Ford Mustang car parts company.