Car Insurance: Why women have an edge over men?

In 2012, an EU court ruled that gender of the driver should not be taken into account while calculating car premiums. As a result, women car insurance premiums increased. Earlier, car insurance companies used to charge lower premiums from women. As women have a reputation for causing less number of accidents on roads, car insurance companies offered cheaper car insurance premiums to women. However, after the court ruling, the rates were brought at par with men drivers.

Yet, there are many advantages that women enjoy while buying car insurance. Moreover, there are plenty of ways women can save money on car insurance premiums. Here are two of the privileges offered by car insurance companies to women-

Many car insurance companies provide personal accident cover as well as cover for partner to women car insurance buyers in UK.

Many insurance companies also offer free courtesy car service to their women customers in the event of being immobilized due to an accident.

If you’re a women car driver in UK and are looking for affordable car insurance cover, here’s what you need to know-

Broadly, there are two categories of car insurance- third party car insurance and fully comprehensive car insurance. In third party car insurance, only the repair expenses of third party car are covered. If your own car gets damaged in the accident, you’ll have to pay for its repair out of your own pocket. However, it is generally cheaper and affordable. In fully comprehensive car insurance, on the other hand, all the expenses are covered. You may have to pay more on premiums but you can enjoy complete peace of mind. However, the final choice depends on your requirements and budget.

There are dedicated women car insurance comparison websites that make it easier for women to find the best car insurance. By partnering with some of top brokers in UK, these sites are able to offer the best car insurance cover at lower prices. So, if you’re a woman looking for cheap car insurance, you can visit a reliable car insurance comparison website to find the right insurance cover for your car.