Car Mounting Kit for iPhone

Choosing the Right Car Mounting Kit for iPhone

A car mounting kit for iPhone is an essential accessory for creating the necessary mobile navigation and communication unit. You will want a base with either a powerful suction pad, a strong four point of contact clasping system so you can mount it on the windshield, dash, or air-vents. A good car mounting kit should consist of a turning cradle that can be used in landscape or portrait mode, and an extended arm with center or bottom connection port for the iPhones USB charge/sync cable.

Stabilizing Your Car Mounting Kit for iPhone

The single most important feature to look for in any car mounting kit for iPhone is a base that is a powerful suction cup that will attach to your windshield or dashboard and will only come free with a manual detachment. This is important because one never fully knows what environments they may encounter and you do not want a suction cup that pops free when things turn frigid or with intense heat.

The alternatives to this is a a clasp system that you can lock onto the screen of your vehicles air vents. If you decide to go this route make sure you find a mount that has four points that make contact with the vent screen and lock. Again – having a stable base is the reason you are making this investment.

Secure Cradling of Your Car Mounting Kit for iPhone

The second most important feature to be looking for is the cradle that actually holds the phone. You’ll need one that can be expanded or modified from the base size to a slightly larger one depending on whether you normally have a case on your phone. You will want a cradle that will latch around the phone securely. It is important to look for a cradle that attaches cleanly and will not scratch the iPhone. You’ll also want to make sure you can rotate the cradle on the mount base so you can set the iPhones screen for maximum visibility.

Apertures and Arms On Your Car Mounting Kit for iPhone

The final necessary features are safe openings that allow you to slide the iPhones USB charge/sync cable through the base of the cradle to and to wither the car radio or power ports unobtrusively. This allows for you to use your iPhone in all the ways you want, but also not bind the cable and damaging it.

In many cases you will also want an arm running from the base to the cradle that allows for the cradle to be placed in a variety of ways that allow for better visibility and sound amplification. There are many car mounting kits for iPhone and they have other features, like compatibility for securing an iPad or an iPod Nano, power ports in the mount itself, or noise buffers. Frequently these are just superfluous extras that do not improve your use of your device. So now that you know exactly what you need as a car mounting kit for iPhone… go find yours!