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You can find parts for older cars with a little bit of work. Speaking of older cars, I wish I still had my 1975, Sky Blue Monte Carlo. Half of the roof on that car was white leather and it had a leather interior and got pretty good gas mileage. I’m sure I would’ve needed parts for it by now but I think it would have been worth trying to find them. Today, more people are holding on to cars longer to avoid having car payments in an uncertain economy. Keeping a car that gets good gas mileage is another reason for keeping a car that’s getting older. But what happens when the car gets so old that it’s hard to find parts for it? Do you have an old vehicle that you’re having trouble finding parts for? Where do you find them when dealerships and auto parts stores don’t stock parts for your car anymore?

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Of course it’s harder to find car parts for some vehicles than it is for others. In many cases it’s easier to find parts for more popular cars than for the less popular models. The good new is that there are more places to look for car parts today than it was back in the day. Car dealerships, a few auto parts stores, and junkyards were the main places to look for car parts in the past. These are still some of the main sources for old car parts but with few twists

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If you should need to look for parts for an older model vehicle, start your search at a dealership. A dealership parts department may have the part that you’re looking for. If not, they may know of a part that wasn’t original equipment manufactured for your vehicle but is interchangeable with what you need. Automobile dealerships also have a large network of dealerships and parts suppliers that they can reach out to when they need to.

Local auto parts stores are another place to look for out of date car parts. They typically try to keep the parts that people buy the most of in stock so this might mot be the best place to look. But that could depend on the particular store. Some auto parts stores specialize in parts for older vehicles. You may have a better chance of finding this kind of part store online if you live in a rural area far from major city.

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Junkyards have been a good cheap source of used parts for years. These aren’t your fathers Junkyards because many of them have gone through a makeover. You may have to be prepared to find and remove the part you need from a car in a junkyard. But for the money you could save it could be well worth it to look for car parts in a junkyard.


Online retailers like are a great place to look for car parts for older model vehicles. Sellers list new and used items on eBay that can be brought through an online auction or at an eBay “Buy Now” set price. Most sellers also provide pictures and detailed product descriptions. Sellers on eBay get rated on their service and the quality of their products.

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Craigslist is another online site to search for car parts. One of the major differences between eBay and Craigslist is in addition to searching the listings on Craigslist; you can place an ad with contact information for the part that you’re looking for.

Even though I don’t have the Monte Carlo anymore I can always dream about what might have been. But if you still have your old ride, you should be able to use one of these resources to find the part you need if your vehicle starts running bad.