Carabao Mango

The carabao mango is often referred to as the world’s sweetest mango. If you have never heard of the mango variety before, it’s probably due to the fact that it is referred to by many names. In fact, there’s a chance that you have actually tasted it, it’s just that you didn’t realize that it’s the carabao mango variety. Some of its common names include Manila Super Mango, Manila mango, Ataulfo mango and honey mango. Filipinos simply call it manggang kalabaw. It’s among the four most popular mango varieties in the Philippines. The other three varieties are Katchamita, Pico and Pahutan. A visit to the Philippine archipelago won’t be complete without taking a bite from their well-known mango varieties.

Tips on Planting and Raising Carabao Mango
1. Preparing the land for planting. How you dig the hole where you will plant the carabao mango seedling will depend on the scope of your planting activity. If it’s merely backyard planting, you just have to dig a hole wide enough to accommodate the ball of soil that comes with the seedling. This is if you are planting on fertile land. If you are planting on very poor soil, it’s recommended that you widen the hole so that you can add more fertile soil around the seedling. Of course, planting will be a lot more complicated if you are dealing with an orchard. You will need to plow the field and have it harrowed.
2. When putting the seedling into the whole, you need to remove the container or plastic that surrounds it first. Fill the extra space in the hole with fertile soil or compost. When using fertilizer, don’t use to much or it might harm the seedling instead of benefiting it.
3. If you are maintaining a carabao mango orchard, you should utilize leguminous plants and crops like mongo as intercrops. These helps in keeping the soil fertile as well as preventing weeds from taking over.
4. As your mango trees grow, keep the soil around them cultivated and remove weeds as they appear.
5. To hasten the growth of the trees, you may consider using high-quality and effective fetilizers.
6. When the trees have grown and you are harvesting their fruits, don’t forget to implement pruning when necessary. Pruning helps in increasing fruit productivity as well as improve the quality of the fruits.

Always keep in mind the tips above when raising and cultivating carabao mango trees.

It’s not that difficult to find shops in the Philippines selling carabao mango. Just get to the nearest fruit stand or public market. Of course, it will be a bit difficult to find them if the fruits are off season. If no fresh mangoes are available, you can always try the famous Philippine dry mangoes. These are cut pieces of the ripe fruit which are then preserved and usually stored in sealed plastic packets. Majority of these preserved mangoes come from the Visayas, from provinces such as Cebu and Guimaras. Since they are dried and stored in sealed plastic containers, they can be conveniently packed and carried around.