Carboxytherapy, an Unusual Treatment for Under Eye Circles

Carboxytherapy is an unusual but effective treatment for dark circles under eyes that utilizes Co2 gas that will enhance the circulation of blood in your fragile under-eye location. Carboxytherapy is often implemented in alternative therapies and is known to be a good treatment for stretchmarks, scar problems and dimpled skin. Carboxytherapy was initially developed as a treatment in French Health spas in the Thirties – mainly because the discovery was made that CO2, abundant spring water inside the pools within the spas, greatly accelerated healing.

Typically the darkish circles beneath eyes might be brought on mainly because blood flow within tiny capillaries underneath the eye isn’t really doing its job effectively. This can be thanks to some sort of blockage preventing the normal draining of the tear fluid from your eyes which should go straight into the nasal area. This causes circulation to stagnate under the eyes, generating this bluish-black color that could become apparent as under eye circles through our skin. Unfortunately, there can be many causative factors for this kind of problem; yet generally, it is down to allergic reaction which include hayfever, cat (or other pet) allergies or even an injury.

Carboxytherapy treatment for dark under-eye circles incorporates injecting tiny levels of co2 straight into the under-eye region. This causes your system to carry additional oxygen towards the area in the blood and also ‘has the effect of soaking up’ the unwanted carbon dioxide. Carboxytherapy therapy for treating the delicate area under your eyes performs in two ways; for starters it helps the small capillaries within the bottom eye lids bring additional oxygen into the region and additionally it boosts collagen located in the under-eye area that which ‘plumps up’ the hollows which can form in that location. Since the blood within in this area isn’t really moving properly, it won’t contain enough absorbed oxygen inside it, this is what causes it to have a bluish tinge. Since skin in the undereye area is quite thin and gets even more delicate as our bodies age, this kind of bluish shadow can appear more conspicuous. Increasing circulation as well as improving the capillary vessels system changes this kind of blue colour caused by the unoxygenated blood to a more healthy (and more healthy looking) pinkish tint. Improving the formation of collagen in this region beneath the lower lids will make the system of capillaries much less noticeable as well.

If you have been asking yourself ‘how to get rid of dark circles under my eyes’, Carboxytherapy may be a treatment to try. A number of weekly sessions, each one taking approximately a quarter of an hour is usually necessary and once you have completed the course, the end results ought to last at least six months. Each treatment includes adding small volumes of CO2 by using a special needle. The epidermis is anaesthetised and so this method shouldn’t be unpleasant while the actual location beneath the lower lids can feel really puffy just for a very short while after each treatment as it takes a few moments for the CO2 gas to be absorbed. Generally there is no bruising when using Carboxytherapy treatment method for under eye circles.