Card Messages for Mother's Day

Your mother is the only mother you will ever have and she deserves extra special attention at least once a year. A unique way to show your mother you care is to create a card for her with an original message for her. Okay well if you use my messages they are not original for you but I won’t tell.
Yes I am giving you the authorization to go ahead and use my messages and quotes in your Mother’s day cards. Please do not use my quotes to post onto other websites. I am not authorizing that.
Your mother gave your life so the least you can do is find her a message that really says what you feel. A tip for you is that if you see a message here that is close to what you want to say then take that message and manipulate it to fit what you want to say to mom. Some of these card messages are just pure love and a few have a bit of humor infused. I hope you enjoy.
– Mom I love you unconditionally always and forever just like you love me.

– Hey mom I hope you have a great Mother’s Day. When is supper going to be ready?

– There truly are no words that could explain how much I appreciate all of the things you have done for me over the years. You are an incredible person and I will always love you and appreciate you.

– When God was handing out Mom qualities you were definitely at the beginning of the line.

– You’re the best Mom I know. I try to lead by your example with my children because I want them to know what it really feels like to be cared for and loved.

– Dear Mom I know I was a handful growing up and believe me I regret it now. If I had a clue when I was a child how much you loved me and took care of me I would have hugged you constantly day after day. Love you Mom.

– Moms are one of a kind for very obvious reasons. They love you know matter what you do and support you always. I want you to know that I love you know matter what you do and I support you always as well.

– Dad even though you’re not Mom you have taken her place after she passed without a hiccup or a complaint. Mom would be so proud of you just like I am. You are the most incredible person I know.

– Mom, I love love love love love love love love love love love you. I still owe you a few more “loves” but my hand was getting sore ?. I hope you get the point. ?

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I really hope you have found a message you would like to use in a Mother’s Day card.

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