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Care and Maintenance Tips for Your Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is high quality furniture and is considered ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. It actually requires very little care and maintenance and can last for decades at end. Teak furniture is also available in some recommended product ranges where you can get it in a colour of your choice.

Being a sturdy material, teak can withstand a lot of abuse. True that it requires little care, but it does require it. It is an oily wood and very dense. Its natural oil safeguards it against pests such as termites and prevents water from seeping into it. In other words, it is perfectly alright to leave teak furniture outside as it would easily endure the onslaughts of rain, heat, cold and wind. Much also depends on the way the furniture has been constructed. Good manufacturing can actually make teak furniture last for generations.

For cleaning your teak furniture, here are some really useful tips that can help keep your furniture looking good as new.

  1. In order to clean your teak furniture, use a normal bristle brush that you otherwise use for other household items. Use the brush with mild soapy water; make sure the solution is not too hard. Once you clean the furniture with this, use clean water. Alternatively, you can get proprietary cleaners available in the market. These are good for cleaning off deposits, stains and accumulated dirt on your furniture.
  2. Avoid the use of high pressure hoses. Also refrain from using steel wool or steel wire brushes. Any leftovers in the grains can discolour as well as rust your teak.
  3. In case your furniture has stubborn stains that can’t come off with the use of a brush and soapy water, then consider sanding your teak with a grade of sandpaper. Make sure that the sandpaper is extremely fine and proceed cleaning only in the direction of the timber grain.
  4. When your stains have been properly sanded, you can re-oil your furniture if you like, even if you oiled it a few years back. In case it hadn’t been oiled, the fresh teak colour thus achieved after sanding will naturally go back to its existing silver grey patina.
  5. Make it a habit to periodically clean your teak furniture to prevent stain deposits and accumulation of dirt. You can also use covers to keep your furniture well protected but make sure that the covers you choose are breathable so they don’t trap humidity and allow for constant ventilation. Stay away from using plastic and vinyl covers.

Maintain your teak wood furniture by taking appropriate care and maintenance efforts. Teak furniture is not inexpensive; it’s a costly investment which can pay rich dividends if you are careful with its preservation.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have about your teak furniture.

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