Career Within You (Book Review)

Career Within You is an enneagram based system for matching your personality with your career. Authors Elizabeth Wagele and Ingrid Stabb have put together a method for choosing the right career. Career within You describes each of the nine enneagram archetypes covering such topics as strengths and weaknesses as well as telltale behavior. Each chapter has exercises designed to help you discover how you work and what you want out of your job.

Readers are then asked to go through the Career finder tables to identify jobs which match your personality. There are other considerations of course. For example, they identify jobs in fast growing industries or that are recession proof. This adds further utility to a very well organized book.

The final chapter deals with concrete ideas and exercises for the job hunt. You get sample resumes highlighting the enneagram strengths and presenting them as a match to a specific job. There are even tips for interviews.

It’s a very comprehensive guide and should be valuable for people starting out in the world or switching careers. It’s definitely useful for those feeling dissatisfied with their current jobs. You may get to the root of your unhappiness. For those who are satisfied and thriving in the work environment it may still be a good read. At the very least you may gain even more insights into what makes your occupation a great fit.

Just remember that this program takes some time. There are numerous worksheets to complete. While some may be tempted to skip steps, I think it’s best to go through everything lest you miss an important insight. Your career may be at stake here.

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What are enneagrams?

An enneagram is a method for identifying your personality much in the same way as any other personality typing tool. In simple terms, it puts a name on the behaviors displayed by an individual. Enneagrams go one step further by attempting to identify the values behind the behavior. Although this personality typing approach is not new, many proponents admit it still needs more study.

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Like other personality identification tools the key is understanding. It is used to help you understand yourself, however it is a diagnostic tool not a therapy tool.