Caring for and Breeding your Electric Yellow Lab Cichlids

African cichlids have been popular aquarium fish for the past 50 years and continue to be the favorite of many freshwater aquarium owners due to their size and ease of care. The Electric Yellow cichlid is growing in popularity due to its intense lemon-yellow color, which adds a spark of interest to a home aquarium.


The Electric Yellow Labidochromis, also known as the Yellow Lab Cichlid, originated in the waters of Lake Malawi in southeastern Africa. It grows to be about five inches long, and features a black stripe on it dorsal fin when mature. This particular cichlid is known as a more mild mannered cichlid and can live happily with a variety of other cichlids.


Electric Yellow Lab Cichlid (Male)

The yellow cichlid thrives best in a minimum of a 50 gal aquarium. It prefers the middle area of the tank, so it should be paired with bottom and top dwelling fish. A group of cichlids in a freshwater tank should include one male to every three to six females. These fish can live in water temperatures ranging between 75 and 83 degrees Fahrenheit. The tank water pH should be between 8.0 and 8.5, slightly saltier than neutral. Native Yellow cichlids live in around rocky formations along the shoreline of Lake Malawi, and aquarium cichlids prefer structures that mimic their natural habitat, such as caves with holes or rocky structures where they can breed and hide. The Electric Yellow cichlid also prefers sand in the bottom of the aquarium as well as both live and artificial plants.


The Electric Yellow Cichlid is an omnivore, eating primarily plants as well as mollusks and snails. This species of fish can be fed flaked fish food each day with supplemental brine shrimp periodically. Some experts recommend including blood worms in the Cichlid’s diet, while others claim it will lead to problems due to too much protein.


The female is a mouth brooder. She lays her eggs on rocks and the male fertilizes them. Then she scoops the eggs into her mouth, where they stay for about three weeks. Once they leave her mouth, the baby fish, or fry, are cared for by the mother for another few weeks. The number of fry can range from just under a dozen to more than 30 during each breeding cycle. The female is often ready to breed again about a month after her last brood left her care.

The Electric Yellow Lab cichlid is easily the most popular of all the Lake Malawi Cichlids. Many local Cichlid breeders choose to breed these fish because of how popular they are. Finding Electric Yellow cichlids for sale from a breeder is the best way to get healthy vibrant fish for a home aquarium. You can read this related article to learn more about keeping Electric Yellow cichlids in your home aquarium.