Caring for Indoor Teak Furniture – How to Bring Old Teak Back to Life

If you just happen to have teak pieces from the 70s, (when the Scandinavian look was hot!) or even earlier, then you will benefit from giving your wood a good teak oiling to keep it looking nice.

The problem with the earlier indoor teak furniture is that it did not usually have any varnish or protection on the wood. Many times it was waxed or oiled but then over the years it would suffer from sun damage, cup rings, and simply dry out and look a mottled orange colour.

If you have pieces that don’t look their best anymore but you would like to keep them, then try using this method to oil and protect indoor teak and you will be really impressed just how nice they can look again.

Start with a Bottle of Teak Oil and Extra Fine Steel Wool and Follow These Steps

You can get this from some furniture stores but I found the best place to find it was online as Teak being used as indoor furniture is not as common as the outdoor models. (Which don’t need oiling as you like outdoor teak to turn a silvery
gray) If you have lots of staining, scratches or other problems follow these steps for those areas.

Step 1 – Dust. Make sure your teak piece is dust free. Don’t use any cleaners or polishes, simply wipe it down.

Step 2 – Arm yourself with a pair of rubber gloves and find a little bowl for the teak oil. It is easier to use the oil when it
is in a bowl rather than pouring it from the bottle.

Step 3 – Dip EXTRA FINE steel wool (it has to be extra fine or you will scratch the wood) into the teak oil and then carefully, going with the grain of the wood work the oil into any of the bad looking patches on your wood, such as sun fading, or cup rings, or scratches. The extra fine steel wool helps to remove stains and ingrained dirt.

Step 4 – Keep dipping the steel wool into the oil and be very liberal with it. Let the wood drink it up. Now if the rest of piece is not too bad, then simply use a clean cloth and rub teak oil into the wood. Let it sit for about 20 minutes.

Step 5 – Take a soft clean lint free cloth and wipe any excess off and simply buff your teak to a beautiful glow.

Keeping Your Indoor Teak Furniture Beautiful

Indoor Teak wood will dry out and not look its best after about 6 months or so, depending on how much it gets used or whether it sits in the sun.

But if you love that old retro styling (I have a house full of it!) then give your pieces a teak oil treatment about twice a year, minimum once a year and it will look beautiful again.