Carnival Themed Party

Every time you try to organize some kind of gathering or party, you always tend to make it more interesting, to animate people. It does not matter if it is a wedding, birthday party, welcome party, or just a random party, you can always make it a themed party.

It is always a lot of fun, and it gives people a chance not just to dress like someone else, but also to be someone else. Themed party opens up a whole new specter of possibilities and conversations. You can make up stuff about your character and act like a superhero or a fairy tale character, depending on a theme.

Carnival theme is one of the best if not the best theme you can have. It is simply amazing. You can have all kinds of different animators, dress into so many variable characters and include numerous gadgets that everyone can have fun with.

Animators and characters

This theme is so great because you can simply make up any kind of character you want. There are, of course, those standard ones like clowns, magicians, salesman of any kind, ice cream, candy, balloons, etc. Just put your mind to work and surprise everyone with imaginative character you come up with. You can also consider hiring someone for a specific role, like magician for example, because it is not easy to be one, if you want real tricks, of course.


Gadgets are very important and they play a big role in all of this. With appropriate gadgets and a bit of imagination you can have a real carnival right in your back yard, or at your wedding, wherever you want, any time you want. There are things you can make yourselves, like signs, paper lanterns, napkins, and costumes, of course, but there are some things you simply have to buy. Like parts of your costume, jars, scoops and cones for ice cream or candy.

To contribute carnival theme you should consider colorful table napkins, balloons with some specific print, printed stubby coolers for everyone, you can even provide fake hairs for everyone, so you can have all those bright colors around you.


Music is very important factor, and it contributes a lot to the entire atmosphere. If it is a smaller party, just play some carnival music on your speakers, but if it is something bigger, like wedding, you can have your band dressed up for carnival to play for you. You can even go deeper into the theme, and only play music from village carnivals, or big city carnivals, or even opt to Chinese or Japanese carnival music. You can really go crazy on this one.

A party like this is certainly a lot of fun. It is not easy to organize, it may take you some time to figure out everything, but once you do, it will be priceless to see everyone smile and have fun.