Carpet Cleaning Tips for Long Lasting Carpet

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For both functional and visual appeal purposes, carpets are one of the things at home that are worth investing in as they can last for a very long time. The life of the carpet usually depends on a number of factors, and this includes the durability and quality of the material, the cleaning procedure, and the frequency of carpet cleaning. In this article, we will talk about recommended carpet cleaning tips for you to follow.

  1. Keep the carpet stain-free

As much as possible, do keep a regular checkup on the carpet to see if there are stains. Stains and dirt that have been sitting on the surface and fibers of the carpet for a long time are much harder to remove. In effect, they may also cause permanent marks on the carpet.

To make sure that your carpets are maintained as clean and fresh as new, it’s a good thing to clean up the dirt and spills immediately as you see them. If you have friends who came over for a drink and stayed near the area where your carpet is positioned, check for stains and do the proper cleaning procedure as necessary. Carpet cleaning in Adelaide reminds not to make the mistake of rubbing the carpet since this will only spread the spill and make the damage worse.

  1. Vacuum as scheduled

Sometimes you don’t have the time to clean the house so vacuuming the carpet might be one of the items in your “forgotten” list. Setting a schedule and planning when to vacuum will do the trick. Incorporating this household task in your to-do list will help a lot. For maximum pickup of dirt, it’s a good move to vacuum in different directions all over the house, especially in high-traffic areas, and not only the carpet and rugs. Once a week is an acceptable schedule, to prevent marks from settling into the carpet threads.

  1. Use shoe mats and carpet runners

The shoe mat will not help clean the dirt and stains on the carpet but placing a shoe mat near the entrance of your home will allow people entering to wipe their footwear first. This act can reduce or eliminate the chance of getting loose dirt, mud, or soil from the outside to be embedded on to the carpet. On the other hand, using carpet runners will lessen the pressure on the fibers that cause the carpet to sink after it’s been walked on for some time. The carpet runners will help to protect the carpet and lengthen its life.

  1. Hire professional carpet cleaners

Having carpets professionally cleaned may be expensive however if you have the budget to hire carpet cleaning services, it might help save more in the long run instead of purchasing a new carpet. Just remember to be wise in choosing the service provider and get the one who surely knows the science and art of carpet cleaning. Ask questions about specific types of stains and how they intend to treat them in different given scenarios. To have the comfortable feel of a new carpet, letting the pros do the job once a year will suffice.

5. Rent a steam cleaner

If you don’t have the budget to hire a pro but want to get a similar maximum effect of carpet cleaning, it would be a smart idea to rent a steam cleaner. Steam-cleaning machines are costly but you can rent them out from a home center or a local grocery store. The steam cleaner is a great tool for spot cleaning. Take the time to carefully know the right way of using it.


Don’t wait until the carpet is fully dirty until you plan to start cleaning. When you notice that the color starts to look dull and filthy, clean or have it cleaned right away. Carpet maintenance requires patience and time. Adhering to directions of the manufacturer on how to properly clean it will also provide you with the solution that’s best to ensure its lasting beauty.

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