News Carpet Cleaning Tips that Everyone Should Know About

Carpet Cleaning Tips that Everyone Should Know About


No matter how frequent you clean your home, there can hardly be any prevention for occurrences and accidents that result to stubborn stain and spills on the carpet. Keeping the carpet clean is worth the effort as this prolongs the life of the carpet, prevents germs and organisms from penetrating through, and keeps the home free of lingering odor. Carpet care is not as difficult as rocket science and everyone can do it following some easy steps and tips.

When cleaning, wetting the surface to be covered is usually not enough. There are many solutions of cleaning the carpet but one of the most prominent is using powder. Even homeowners can do this by themselves without the help of professional service providers. For as simple as sprinkling the powder over the carpet and leaving it there overnight create wonders. An alternative to powder is baking soda or carpet shampoo. The advantage of using baking soda is that it also acts as a deodorizer that removes persistent smells by absorbing them even on hidden fibers.

When faced with so many solutions, the proper way is to test only on a small area. This is to test if the detergent or powder will change the color of the carpet or harm its material possibly. You can also take the advice of the carpet manufacturer on which cleaning solutions are safe and acceptable to be used.

The carpet does not need to be too wet or overly soaked when cleaning. In fact, minimal use of detergents or solutions is better since this will quicken the process of drying later. If there are stains that are hard to get rid of, use a hard-bristled brush and scrub the area with parallel strokes for the most thorough clean. Do not forget to touch on the corners, crevices, and skirting boards as they are most of the time harder to reach.

To dry the carpet off, you may leave the windows and doors open and turn heating on a low setting. However, for the rest of the months, you do not have to wait for a long time and rely on the sun, especially when you are cleaning a big carpet. Instead, you may use a dehumidifier, air conditioner, or electric fans to get rid of the excess moisture from the air.

Typically, wait time extends up to 12 hours in a day. Once dry, vacuuming is an important step to finish off carpet cleaning. As Electrodry carpet cleaning suggests, vacuuming up the powder once done will make you enjoy a fresher room. The ideal way is to set the vacuum to just the right height and turn it to the highest setting. The last step is to top it off with a carpet freshener to rigorously remove the odor.

Even without the use of cleaning agents, vacuuming your carpet about two times per week will be a big help, as this will minimize the buildup of dirt, grease, grime, and stain especially in areas where there is high foot traffic. Do not rush the job though. Remember that vacuuming slowly but surely removing ground-in dirt is more effective than doing it with multiple fast passes without ensuring cleaning the carpet deeply.

Cleaning the carpet before it gets really dirty will make your life easier later on. With regular carpet treatment, you can also prevent it from looking too frayed and worn out. Whether it is blood, orange juice, wine, pet stool, or paint from your two-year-old, having the patience to deal with it immediately will save you more hassle. The longer you wait before tackling on removing the stain, the tougher it is to deal with it.

Carpet Cleaning Tips that Everyone Should Know About
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