Carpet Cleaning Versatility

Though out history some animals and plants have flourished and then become extinct. Others are still here today with their ancestry going back to prehistoric times. The one thing that these survivors have in common is their ability to adapt and seize a new opportunity. They don’t specialise in one type of food or one type of environment and therefore they will not fail if the world around them changes.

The same rules of survival apply to businesses – great or small. If you specialise only in one type of work or allow a high proportion of your income to come from one source, what happens if things change? You have your feet kicked out from under you and you must either have the courage to start again practically from scratch, or give up.

I know some specialist cleaners who will only do commercial work and some that only do domestic. There are others that will only do carpets and turn away upholstery, curtains, hard floor or leather cleaning. All these extra opportunities give balance and strength to your business and introduces more clients. By mixing commercial with domestic work you get a mixed cash flow and this will help to even out seasonal variations in trade.

Why not make alliances with other NCCA members – you can join together to do large commercial contracts where the operator that obtains the work can subcontract to others and where necessary, meet demanding time schedules. To get full value from the NCCA work together with other members and what you give them today, they will give you tomorrow.

Don’t turn away, say ‘yes’ with enthusiasm – and then find out how it can be done. If you are not able to do it, then recommend another member who can. The NCCA or Associate Members will be willing to help by answering any questions you may have – it is certainly a service that Ashbys are pleased to offer.

If you have versatile carpet cleaning equipment you can offer many different services. Good carpet cleaning machines with different tools can do the full spectrum of cleaning through furnishings, curtains, hard floors and industrial vacuuming. So take advantage of opportunity by being ready for your chance. With the correct training and versatile equipment you will build a strong prosperous business.

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