Carry on garment bag – how to choose the best model

A good carry on garment bag is a must-have for every frequent traveler, saving you time and hassle throughout your transit. Most such travel bags come with a multitude of innovative features designed to improve your comfort and convenience as well as keep your outfit wrinkle-free. But with all this innovation around, how do you make sure you choose the best model for yourself.

1. Wheeled carry on garment bag?

Most garment bags that you can use as a carry-on have wheels for smoother and more efficient travel. Unfortunately, this useful functionality comes at the expense of greater weight. Bags with backpack straps and top grip handles only can be twice lighter on their own and are ideal for anyone wanting to travel really light and fast.

Wheeled carry on garment bags may be a little slower and bulkier (especially when you put them in the overhead locker) but convenience they guarantee is unquestionable. Needless to say, they are also more stylish. If you want to get the best of both worlds though, you’re in luck. You can go for models that come with extra backpack straps you can pull out when necessary.

2. Versatility and practicality

Producers of carry on garment bags pull out all the stops to design the most practical luggage solutions for travelers. Travel bags are essentially advanced gadgets, with futuristic-sounding names for component technologies. It’s good because we need hand luggage that is versatile enough to serve us well throughout our journey. This means being spacious enough to hold our belongings, small enough to quality as a carry-on and highly functional to do well in different travel scenarios.

Packing should be a breeze. We should have quick access to pockets, especially those on the outside. The garment compartment should make it very easy to get organized and keep clothes and toiletries in perfect working condition. A good carry on garment bag comes with compression straps for safety, a garment sleeve for suit protection and a way to separate different types of load (eg. dirty laundry or shoes from the rest)

Many models go a step further. This exclusive wheeled garment bag eliminates the need to unpack as its construction allows it to be be hanged in a hotel wardrobe fully loaded. How practical is that? It’s purely personal preference, I guess.

3. Build

Travel conditions can be harsh and good carry on luggage needs to be ready to withstand quite a lot. Sturdy nylon exterior should do a good job protecting it from ripping and tearing. It’s also easy to wash so you won’t have trouble with proper maintenance. Stronger seams, especially along zippers, add another layer of protection and so do rubber nubs that form kickstands. Telescopic handles that help adjust the bag to different heights when moving are best made of high-grade aluminum.

Importantly, carry on luggage regulations differ from airline to airline and despite attempts at standardizing its parameters, it’s best to check size charts to avoid problems.

4. Carry on garment bag aesthetics

Everything else being equal, it’s often the aesthetic value that tips our mind towards buying this or that garment bag. One thing is design, with some producers paying meticulous attention to detail. And let’s make it clear – who doesn’t like to stand out on style while traveling? The other thing is color – most models are quite defensive in this respect, but if you dig deeper you can find a crazier carry on garment bag.