Cars for Sale Under 4000 Dollars

In today’s economy, finding used cars for sale under 4000 dollars is fairly easy if you know where to look. Keep in mind that you will probably not be able to find a brand new car with almost no mileage. Usually cars in this price range have gone through a lot, and so you will probably see some scratches, dents and minor damages to the surface of the car. Cars at this cost will also probably have thousands of added mileage. If you were hoping to find a new car for under 4000 dollars, you will be out of luck. Even the cheapest new cars start out at around $10,000. If you do happen to find new cars that are below this price, they will most likely have been made in India or China, where the safety standards are subpar. However, if you are lucky you can even buy cars under 500 dollars. Below, I will give you some tips on how to find cheap used cars for sale under $4000.

Repossessed Cars

The first place I suggest that you look at is an auto repo auction. Often times when people fail to pay their monthly payments, their cars get repossessed and sold off at auctions. These days, due to the poor economy, the number of cars that have been repossessed from their owners is higher than ever before. What does this mean? It means that you will have more choices and a better selection of used cars for cheaper prices. So how exactly can you find a local auto repo auction? With the advent of the Internet, searching for used cars for sale has become much more efficient and less time consuming. Simply do a search on auto repo auction and you will get tons of results. One site that I like to use is where I was able to find several cars for sale under 4000 dollars. The site also allows you to input your current location, preferred mileage number and car condition. Finding a cheap car has become so easy because now you can do all your research at the comfort of your home.

Cash Only

If you prefer to not use the Internet to find a car and would rather see it in person, I suggest you visit your local car dealers or repair shops. Often times, you will find used cars for sale. Keep in mind that you can bargain with the seller before buying a used car. Often times, the seller will put up a price that is much higher than the market value of a used car. The general rule of thumb is that you can go as low as 50% of the initial price offering. Car salesmen are notorious for scamming naïve customers so always be careful when using this method. By saying that you will pay in cash will give you some leverage in obtaining a lower cost on a used vehicle. It is always important to do your research beforehand or you might find yourself overpaying for a car that isn’t worth a lot.

Things to Consider:

One of the great things about buying a used car is that you save tons of money. In addition to the cheap price of the car, the insurance on the car is cheap as well. Cars that are expensive to repair and are more likely to be the target of thieves will always have higher insurance bills. If you take the time to do your research, you will be able to find a great car for under $4000.