A car is a self-powered motor vehicle used for transportation. Cars are designed to run primarily on roads but there are some off road excursions. The cars of today are propelled by an internal combustion engine, fueled by gas.

I’ve got enough theory to build an automobile of my own, someday. The fundamentals to building an automobile is the frame and the engine. Every other part of an automobile is known as an accessory.

In California, it’s illegal to have fire underneath the exhaust pipe. As an environmentalist it’s good practice to perform a smog check yearly. A Prius is a car that’s safer for the environment; Hybrids tend to use up less gas, too. After gas is no longer a priority solar-powered cars may become a priority. That’s the new age of cars. A design for a solar-powered car already exists, but gas is a limited resource and too much is vested in stock.

Some favorite rides in the U.S.: Mustangs, Corvettes, Chargers, Cameros, etc. We’re speaking of American Muscle!

Then there’s a Mercedes Benz, BMW, and an Audi (which perhaps is the most reliable of the three German-made automobiles but lacks prestige).

For the Italian audience, there are Ferraris and Lamborghinis. For the non-Italian audience, there’s Maseratis. The Lotus is UK-bound and is traded on the exchange there. Cars that run on gas, cause there to be too much smog in the air, in U.S. cities: Los Angeles and Houston, where there’s heavy traffic and pile-ups on the freeways. Drive your car around the neighborhood while listening to Jazz music and day dream of the cars that you love the most.

Aside from solar-powered cars, electric cars are applauded by many environmentalists, too.

Custom license plates are a lot of fun. Your personality shines through. A unique message is displayed to drivers on the road.

Convertibles are preferred in California because the sun is ever present there.

Guys believe in manual transmission. Automatic transmission is for those that don’t understand the mechanics of a car.

A friend of mine owns an auto body shop where repairs are made possible. Those that like decorating their cars put TVs behind their seat cushions. They also put big rims on their wheels and drive around with noisy exhausts.

Owning a car is a privilege really it’s. Others use different types of transportation such as airplanes, trains, and buses, or trolleys if you’re in San Francisco, CA.