Cartoon Ninja Monkey

Cartoon Ninja Monkey – Finally Out

For all those who have been waiting for the release of Cartoon Ninja Monkey, you now have reasons to rejoice for it as it has finally been released. The fascination with ninjas has always been there since the coming up of Hollywood ninja movies displaying the powerful, heroic and invincible ninjas always on missions of destroying some enemies and the likes. Well the problem with these movies is that they are often are too bloody or violent for our kids which is why most parents will be reluctant to let their 2 year olds watch them. Fortunately, our kids can still enjoy the thrilling action of the Cartoon Ninja Monkey.

Thrilling Series

The Cartoon Ninja Monkey is an interesting animated cartoon series with two monkey stars, the ninjas, that are on a lifetime mission of helping the oppressed people in apparently their ‘gangster filled’ society. As a result they get into mission after mission each with different challenging tasks that these ninjas are on the verge of accomplishing. Long story short, the animated action and the monkey ninja’s tricks which are in this cartoon are amusing and will keep your child glued to the TV (and who knows you might find that you are also enjoying the show).

Ninja Monkey Games

In addition to the Cartoon Ninja Monkey, why not get you kids some ninja monkey games to play. If you have noticed that your child has a soft spot for monkey movies and cartoons, chances are that he or she might love the ninja monkey games too. The best place you can get these games is online where there are many to choose from therefore you always have a different game for your child every day. The ninja monkey online games vary all posing a different challenge to the player. Some may involve helping an escaping monkey ninja on a motorbike escape from captivity while others may involve a ninja monkey fighting its enemies or freeing its friends. It’s all for you to choose the one you deem fit for your child.

Free downloads

Ninja monkey games are often free to download so if you find a game that has got your child smitten, you can download it so that he or she gets to play the game for as long as your child likes. Other ninja monkey downloads that you can find online include downloads of monkey ninjas in various kinds of ninja outfits and ninja fighting styles.

The Cartoon Ninja Monkey is currently one of the ninja movies, if I may call it, that is a must watch for any kid out there. In fact with the growing fame of monkey featuring movies, cartoons and games teaching your child how to draw a ninja monkey can also get his spirits up. Well that will be a story for another day but the trick is knowing that first you’ve got to give your cartoon ninja a round head, don’t waste time in trying to draw a real monkey head/face, the size will be enough to show it’s a monkey. Then keep the eyes slanted and draw an upward facing rectangular symbol around the eyes that will represent the ninja mask after color your drawing and your done.