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Many times we laugh at the humorous head shapes, smiles, awkwardness (of course they are best awkward), and laughing styles of various comics characters. Your will also notice that anything is possible in the world of cartoons. Flintstones have a stone-carved TV box, and a dinosaur that can bark, while Superman has laser eyes that can melt steel.

What I want to focus on in this article is the technology advancements that have come to reality, which were regarded as fiction by adults in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

Drones, for instance, have been starred in many cartoon programs. Have you ever watched “Space Angel”? If you have, then you follow my drift. In the 60s, whoever who watched this show would find it incredulous for an aerial vehicle to fly by itself in the air. If you see what is happening to the Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan and Somalia, and underwater drones that are helping rescue teams to recover the parts of the Malaysian missing plane around the Indian Ocean, you will see a prophecy fulfilled by cartoons. I heard that they will also start carrying books to their destination, with courtesy of Amazon, and robot-making companies that are opposite of Martin Lockheed (this company makes weapons out of this world!)

Speaking of robots, they have made it more fascinating. They have appeared in many science-fiction and fantasy cartoons. They have travelled through time to capture evil Pharaohs and sorcerers, cooked sumptuous meals, played soccer, played a role as cops, and other cool stuff. Today, robots are being used in space exploration, like the solar-powered vehicle on Mars right now, that we call Spirit. On the military side, you will see Will Smith’s iRobot movie-like sceneries coming before our eyes, and out of the screens sooner than we expect.

On the side of communication, holograms are coming to reality. Holograms are three-dimensional images of an object or person, the image being projected from a source. Tupac fascinated his fans on stage, in the form of a hologram, a couple of months back. If you are quiet in your house, and don’t know what to do with the free time at your disposal watch Star Wars, and see Darth Vader making his clones to tremble with fear, at the sight of his projected masked head, and Sky Walker speaking to Yoda by means of a mobile cell-phone sized hologram device.

In the end of it all, we realize that apart from cracking our ribs due to their humor, cartoons have a place in guiding us to the technological future; a future that will finally take us to the world of possibilities and limitless imagination. Asks the producers of the French cartoons, ‘Procidis’, and they will give you a Yes! on our dreams.

Cartoons and Technology
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