CashCrate – Is This a Legit Online Survey for Money or Is It a Scam?

There are a number of opinion surveys on the web that can be classified as either a scam or not worth the time, but there are definitely some legit online surveys to make money worth checking out. One of these is called “CashCrate” and it pays you for taking surveys, anywhere from $.50 to $5 depending on the length or product.


There is definitely proof that CashCrate isn’t a scam and is legit. One reason is the sites “Payment Wall” where users posts checks they’ve received from the site. Another is real life testimonials of people who have made money and received it.

The biggest success story I’ve heard of is one woman who made $1500+ on CashCrate in just one month! Other people I’ve read make in the hundreds. These people have mastered the site and know the best surveys to do, plus they most likely have many referrals (more info. below).

It’s free to sign up and you actually get $1 to start. The way it works is this – companies need normal people to try their products and services, and they are willing to pay you to do this. CashCrate connects these companies with you, the people.

Like I mentioned earlier, you can expect to make anywhere from $.50 to $5 per survey or more. My advice is to do only a few a day so you don’t burn out!

For example, check out this picture of some surveys currently offered. They should take less than 20 minutes to do. There are also bonus offers and ways to save money shopping online. You can also make money through referrals. For example, if you tell a friend about the site and they join, you earn 20 percent of what they make plus 10 percent of what their referrals make.

While it’s easy for people to be skeptical of sites like CashCrate at first, I think it’s definitely worth a shot. I’ve learned from other peoples stories as well as my own experience that while you may not get rich, you can definitely earn some extra side cash with CashCrate.

Hopefully now you know that CashCrate is in fact a legit online survey website for earning extra cash!