Cashews: A Popular Snack

Nut snacks are popular among people. There are extensive varieties of nuts in the market. These are often described as dried seeds with shells that cover them up or sometimes, without shells. Cashews are unique in that they are a kernel of nut that hangs at the bottom of a fruit. These are widely distributed to the market. Its unique but rich taste is usually eaten as complementary to hard drinks and sometimes, just eaten like chips. The Cashew is mysteriously grown upside down or outside from its false pear-like fruit or called as, cashew apple. Mostly grown in dry or tropical lands, cashews are popular worldwide. These are frequently grown in Southeast Asia, Vietnam India, Brazil and Africa. India has been considered as biggest exporters of cashew products.

Cashews are eaten raw but roasted cashews are crispier and a lot tastier than raw. Though, cashews undergone natural chemical process of ripening, these seeds actually heat up themselves for clean up and shelling process, contradicting to its being labeled as raw. Cashews are rich in monounsaturated fat that is why calories-conscious people should watch out proper intake of cashews. Actually, there are roasted cashews with lower fat content available in the market if you are indeed, a cashew lover that avoids lots of calories. Dietary warning however, if people are allergic to nuts, then probably, a half chance is considered that they may also be allergic to cashews. Nonetheless, cashews are considered great ingredients by chefs despite its horrific shelling process. CashewsÂ’ shells could burn your skin so it is best of always purchase cashews that have been shelled. They also are extremely difficult to shell so why not take the route of getting cashews that already have been shelled.

Cashews are used in many ethnic dishes. In Chinese cuisines, cashews are mixed in its original form, a kidney-like seed. Some dishes require crushing these seeds up maintaining its delicious flavor to the food as a whole. Several local practices of cashew complements include a Filipino-style dessert, turrones de casuy which is a cooked wafer wrapping marzipan cashew inside while Brazil vendors sell roasted cashews in plastic bag packages at a very affordable price.

Although, the cashew has amazed us for its unequaled origin, it is indeed a delicious choice for finger foods or light snacks. It is also proven as a good complement for cooking. While it adds savor to your cooking taste, the delicious aroma extracted from its seeds is enough to feed a hungry stomach.