Castle Clash Druid

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The Druid hero in Castle Clash is the most important hero in the game. No other hero has such an impact on all aspects of the game as the Druid. This hero is important for the arena, raids, here be monsters quest and dungeon crawls.

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Why is the Druid so important? The Druid’s healing ability is the main reason he is important. Not only does his skill heal, but it also gives a buff. When the Druid heals your troops there is also a damage buff applied to the unit. At rank 1 the Druids skill will heal for 200% damage to 2 units and give a 15% buff to attack. At rank 9 hi heal skill will heal 10 units for 280% damage and buff attack for 32%. This not only makes your units and heroes live longer but dish out an extremely high amount of damage.

The best talent for the Druid is hands down Berserk. Berserk will make the Druid cast heal and buff your units more often. War God is ok, but the damage is not applied to the heal so it only makes your Druid do more damage. Revitalize is a waste in most situations. In arena is can be useful if you have 3/5 or 4/5 so that the heal does not cast until an attack or two has already occured. Any of the damage reduction talents are decent and life drain is a good talent for the Druid.

Combining the Druid with the Thunder God is a good choice. You can raid some base setups using only the Thunder God and the Druid. The Thunder God if used properly will destroy the enemies units and building from a distance while the Druid heals any damage the Thunder God takes. Adding the Grizzly Reaper to the group is another good choice. The Grizzly Reaper is similar to the Thunder God but only targets units.

Leveling the Druid and also increasing his skill level are very important. Both his level and the rank of his skill are very important. Both affect how much his heals do.

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Castle Clash Druid, Seekyt
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