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Castle: The Complete Fourth Season with Nathan Fillion on DVD — Recap & Review


With its jaunty whistled theme, Castle and Beckett are back in ‘Castle: The Complete Fourth Season’ with all the charm, humor, and drama of the first three seasons. Starring Nathan Fillion as author Richard Castle and Stana Katic as Detective Kate Beckett, the television series follows the pair as Beckett investigates homicides and Castle researches mystery novels, using Beckett as his muse.

Subplots focus on the growing romantic feelings between Beckett and Castle, as well as the unsolved homicide of Beckett’s mother.

Castle: The Complete Fourth Season with Nathan Fillion on DVD — Recap & Review

A minor recurring them is the disappearance of Castle’s father many years ago, and new information he might have been a CIA agent is brought to light in Season 4.

Season 4 picks up after Beckett was shot at the end of Season 3 and takes three months to recuperate from extensive surgery. Part of the tension of Season 4 involves the fact that Castle told Beckett he loved her right after she was shot, which Beckett pretends not to remember. Castle is also keeping a big secret from Beckett; he is in touch with someone who knows some of the mysteries surrounding the death of Beckett’s mother.

Captain Montgomery (Ruben Santiago-Hudson), who died trying to protect Beckett but was somehow tied to her mother’s death, is replaced by Captain Victoria ‘Iron’ Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald), causing new friction in the police station.

Intrigue and romance abound, set against the backdrop of Castle’s family life with his free-spirited mother, Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan), and conscientious teenage daughter, Alexis Castle (Molly Quinn). Jon Huertas as Detective Javier Esposito and Seamus Dever as Detective Kevin Ryan round out the ‘Castle’ regular cast.

Favorite episode: ‘Headhunters’ with Adam Baldwin playing the reckless Detective Ethan Slaughter. It was a delight seeing Fillion and Jayne… er… Baldwin together again.

Nathan Fillion developed a loyal following when he starred as Captain Malcolm Reynolds in the television series ‘Firefly’ and its movie sequel, ‘Serenity.’ He has appeared on television shows including ‘Desperate Housewives’ and in movies such as ‘Waitress.’

Fillion filled the boots of Captain Malcolm Reynolds well, but in Castle he truly shines as the charming, boyish writer who would do anything for the three women in his life.

With great acting, exciting plots, clever dialogue, and a sweet family relationship, any season of Castle is well worth watching. ‘Castle: The Complete Fourth Season’ come to DVD on September 11, 2012.

Castle: The Complete Fourth Season with Nathan Fillion on DVD — Recap & Review
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