Causes and Cures for Summertime Headaches

How about sitting at the beach and getting a few rays of sun. Reaching for a glass of margaritas as you watch the sun go down or having a great backyard barbecue with the family. These are all activities to be enjoyed during the lazy days of summer. The lazy days of summer shouldn’t be spent reaching for a treatment for your splitting headaches. Finding the causes for summertime headaches and the best cures is vital to enjoying your summer activities.

Summer time is a time to relax and have fun in the sun. For a number of different people they suffer unusually high incidences of headaches during the summer months without knowing why.

Generally when the headaches hit you reach for a bottle of ibuprofen or acetaminophen as the answer, but do they really cure what ails you? More than likely they don’t. Know the causes for headaches during the summer or headache pain trigger and how to find a cure are only steps away with this useful information.

Protection from sunlight glare
Headache pain trigger-sunscreen is always encouraged for any exposure to the sun. However, while you lie on your beach blanket a headache surfaces and you wonder what the causes for the headache pain could be. Even with your sunscreen slathered on you have left an area of your body unprotected from the harmful sun rays, your eyes. This is where the headache pain comes in.

Sunlight that reflects off water and other surfaces like concrete pavement will create an intensifying effect with horizontal wavelengths. This intensifying influence can trigger the thalamus of the brain which is where pain is processed.

The cure-Standard sunglasses can certainly screen out some of the glare. Though, a better cure for the situation is to use polarized lenses that have vertical filters. According to a doctor with the American Academy of Ophthalmology, vertical filters found in polarized lenses can combat the horizontal wavelengths that intensify sunlight and cause sunlight glare pain or headaches.

Protection from summer time thunderstorms
Headache pain trigger-thunderstorms aren’t generally thought of as a cause of headache pain or trigger. However, a number of people can predict a thunderstorm in the making simply from the headache they receive.

Changes in the barometric pressure will typically begin to occur right before a thunderstorm. Ever have your great Uncle Teddy say a storm was coming because of the ache in his “bad” knee? The same premise happens with headaches for some people. Instead of a “bad” knee ache the changes in the barometric pressure is in the temples in the head which will start to hurt with an onset of a headache.

According to Diamond Headache Clinic in Chicago, Illinois there is an area of the brain sensing changes or specifically decreasing barometric pressure in the air around us. The faster the decrease the more intense the headache seems to become.

The cure-Headache pain sufferers can try gentle forms of exercise such as Yoga. Physical activity seems to help stimulate the body to release endorphins which are the body’s natural pain killers. Don’t go out and try and run a marathon. Gentle physical exercise can certainly help with the thunderstorm headache.

Protection from heat headaches
Headache pain trigger-a number of years ago researchers located at Harvard University discovered through hospital records that the severe headaches seem to start and increase by 7.5% for every 9 degree increase in the temperature outside during the summer months.

Researchers believe that outdoor heat redirects blood to the peripheral tissue in the head region which is the cause for the headache pain. This is identified as a circulatory hiccup that may precede headache pain. A study was performed to verify this information.

the cure-Sufferers that have heat headaches or headaches that start and increase as the outside temperature does should keep a pain journal for the day. Take note of when discomfort starts and what the outside temperature is and as the temperature increases keep a pain journal that coincides with the outside temp.

The pattern that you note in your journal can help you avoid outdoor activities and headaches at the right temperature that triggers a headache. Be proactive and watch the thermometer to steer clear of the cause of headache heat pain.

Protection from Hotdog headaches
Headache pain trigger-Hotdogs and other processed or cured meats have sodium nitrates as an enormous part of the ingredients. These meats include bacon and cold cuts as well as hot dogs and similar foods.

Sodium nitrates and sodium nitrites are chemical preservatives used for color enrichment and their preservative factors in food which prevent bacteria growth. A number of people react to these additives in their body with a headache.

The headaches are caused when blood vessels over dilate in the head. When blood vessels over dilate they squeeze the nerves located in the same region and cause headache pain according to a renowned neurologists David Buchholz.

The cure-Try to stay away from processed or cured meats that have these particular additives as a part of the ingredients. Fresh whole cuts of meat should be eaten at your next cook out instead of the hotdogs and brats.

These are causes of headaches seen in the summer months that are brought on by a number of different factors related to fun summertime activities. Avoiding the factors that cause these headaches can certainly be the cure. If not, try the suggestions provided here to be proactive in the war against headaches and their pain.