News Causes and Effects of Environmental Degradation

Causes and Effects of Environmental Degradation


Causes and Effects of Environmental Degradation – Human life can not be separated from its environment. Both the natural environment and social environment. We need to breathe air from the surrounding environment. We eat, drink, health, environment all require.
The environment is a unity with all things space, power, state, and living creatures, including humans and their behavior, which affects the nature itself, the continuity of livelihood, and welfare of humans and other living creatures. In environmental issues, human beings have a very important role. Because environmental management itself ultimately intended for human survival on this earth.
Environmental damage due to acts that cause direct or indirect change in physical properties and / or biological environment that no longer functions in support of sustainable development (KMNLH, 1998). Environmental damage
occurred on land, air, and in the water. Environmental damage that will be discussed in this chapter is widespread critical land, erosion and sedimentation, and damage to coastal and marine environment.

Factors causing environmental damage can be divided into two types, namely Natural Factors and Human Factors.

a. Damage to the Natural Environmental Factors
Form of natural disasters lately much struck Indonesia has caused environmental damage impact. One is the tsunami waves that devastated the Terrace of Mecca and Nias. Other natural events that impact on environmental degradation, among others: Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and hurricanes. Natural events that cause damage to an Environmental life.

b. Environmental Damage of Human Factors
Humans as ruler of the environment on earth plays a major role in determining the sustainability of the environment. But unfortunately, is often what people do not offset by thinking about the future life of the next generation. Humans is one category of factors that give rise to environmental damage. Forms of damage that caused by humans are:

Pollution (air pollution, water, soil, and voice) as the impact of the industrial area.
The occurrence of floods, as the impact of poor drainage or sewerage system and errors in keeping the watershed and the impacts of forest destruction.
The occurrence of landslides, as a direct result of the destruction of the forest.

Some human activities are either directly or indirectly have an impact on environmental degradation, among others:

Illegal logging (deforestation).
Mangrove forest destruction.
Hoarding swamps for settlement.
Disposal of waste in any place.
Illegal buildings in the watershed.
Utilization of natural resources beyond the limits of excess.

Causes and Effects of Environmental Degradation
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