CCTV Survey – The Most Effective and Economical Inspection to Your Drainage System

Do you remember the last year Winter in Britain? Well, it was the wettest in last 2 centuries. And according to a weather department, the country may witness extreme winter days this year too. Heavy winter storms and rain can take a toll on drains and sewers. According to a report, the households spent about 70 million pounds on drain unblocking and drain flooding in 2014. And some of the most bizarre items found by drainage engineers include Mattress, false teeth, slippers, prosthetic limbs, tennis balls and a dead snake.

It is the complete ignorance of homeowners that are costing them millions of pounds every year to fix their troubling drains by the experts. Wondering how can you prevent it and save a considerable amount on your drainage repair bills every year? The first and foremost way is to pay a little attention to what you are disposing of in your drainages and sewers.

Next is a CCTV drainage survey. There are many benefits of a regular CCTV drainage inspection. Wondering what are they? Read on.

Know Your Drains & Sewers Are In Right Working Order

Indeed, CCTV drains are a most recommended preventive measure to keep your drains and sewer lines running to its optimal performance year-round. Hire a professional drain survey company to undertake a CCTV survey and ensure your drains aren’t witnessing any severe trouble. A CCTV survey can help foresee any blockage or structural damage your drainage line may have. And knowing a problem in its early stage will help you fix it in more affordable and easier way.

While flooding is a common sight, it is highly recommended to get your drains checked with a CCTV survey specialist company at a regular interval. Harsh weather can cause devastating effects on your drains and sewers. Consult a drainage expert and learn more on how to minimize such effects and keep your drains running throughout winter and year-round.

Identify Blockage and Its Location Far Inside the Drainage Pipe

If your drains are blocked and the cause and exact location of a blockage isn’t visible with naked eyes, a CCTV drain survey is the answer. Call a professional drainage company who specialize in offering world-class CCTV drainage inspection service to both households and commercial properties. This will help the drainage engineers spot the exact location, cause and measure the actual damage to the drainage pipe in the most effective manner.

Property Buyer’s Survey!

Whether you are purchasing a residential or a commercial property, make sure you check all drains are in perfect working condition there. Conducting a CCTV drainage survey will help you trace a drainage issue, if any, before you purchase the property. This may also help you adjust the drain repair bill in the sale price of the property. A drainage survey is also vital for an insurance claim.

Choose your CCTV drainage survey company

Make sure you hire a drainage service provider local to your territory. Check if the company you choose has the experience, staff and technology to offer most efficient drainage services in line with your needs. Winter has arrived, hurry up and find your drain survey partner in Rochester online today!