Celebrate Halloween with family

What is the origin of Halloween?

Halloween has its origins in various cultures and eras. The Celts celebrated Samhain, when it was concluded the harvest season. They believed that on the night of October 31, the witches and the spirits of the dead roamed the earth.

To avoid the wrath of the ghosts and undead, the people left for them sweets to their doorsteps. Also disguised themselves to blend in with the spirits. They made spells, bonfires and rituals to ward off evil.

In the eighteenth century, when the first Irish settlers came to America, they brought their legends, including this one.

All Hallow’s Eve (the eve of All Saints), eventually became known as Halloween.

What does the pumpkin?

At the time of Halloween, in the United States it is customary and recortarle empty a pumpkin eyes, nose and mouth and put a candle inside to illuminate it.

In English the gourd is called Jack-O-Lantern. Its origin is based on a legend that a criminal named Jack after his death remained in limbo, condemned to wander eternally. They said that lit their way with a turnip emptying, which had a charcoal ember inside. In the United States changed the turnip squash, as it was a common plant.

What does “trick or treat”?

When children go from house to house costumed trick or treating, it is customary to say “trick or treat”. Literally means if they do not give a sweet, play a trick on the homeowner.

How to celebrate Halloween with your kids?

Go out trick or treating. If you live in the U.S., it will normally around dinnertime, the 6 or 7 pm, costumed children go outside and go from house to house with his bag or basket to be keeping the candy receive.

Meet with other mom or another family accompany your child in this fun night. There are costumes even for the babies and for moms and dads. What is traditional dress vampire, ghost, witch or monster, but there are all kinds of costumes, superheroes even your child’s favorite.

Try not to wear masks that you can remove visibility, and it is worth reflecting tape to carry pedestrians and motorists can see your little one.

Typically, increasingly, just knock on the door of the houses that have some Halloween decorations. It is a sign that they are ready to open the door and hand out candy.

Attend a Halloween celebration. Shopping centers, fire stations, community centers and libraries increasingly add to the celebration of Halloween, to ensure the safety of children. It’s a shame to lose the tradition of going from house to house, but there are creative ways to replace this practice. In Florida, for example, there are places you do “trunk-or-treat.” In a park or a community of neighbors, all parked his car, opened the trunk and decorate it, and children walk from car to car collecting candy.

Visit a Haunted House or Haunted House. Check before the topic is appropriate for the age of your children, as there are also adult and do not want your baby or your little one then have nightmares.

Organize your own Halloween party. Invite the friends of your children. Decorate the house with cobwebs, orange and black balloons. Make your own Jack-O-Lantern. Cut out silhouettes of bats and witches black cardboard and hang them from the ceiling.

Make little ghosts with paper towels. Open them in the center and put a cotton ball. Then wrap the cotton napkin and hold it with a rubber band. Ghost Paint eyes with a black marker.

Hand out candy. Instead of going out to trick you, whom thirst repartís. Remember that today is expected to repartas packaged sweets for health and safety at Halloween. No repartas baked cookies or candies at home.

It’s fun to dress up or paint their faces and open the door with your small to distribute sweets to children. Creativity will surprise some families.

Prepare a terrifying menu.

Use your imagination and worms prepared cake: bake a cake flavor you want and put gummy worm-shaped top. Accompany blood juice: tomato juice, or red currants.