Celebrate with Platinum

They are timeless like memories; precious possessions you will not want to let go, once in a lifetime treasures, they surely are platinum rings. Just like there’s always a better way to say it, platinum is simply a better way to gift it, especially when the recipient values its eminence.

Be it a record or a credit card, a platinum tag has the potential to scale anything up to great heights and that’s what makes it a great option to invest in as a gift for the someone special in your life or simply as a reward to yourself for an accomplishment. Platinum has not gathered much fame as silver and gold in the market at large till recent years; but those who research right will know that platinum rings, pendants or earrings will hold faster and stronger not only because of the metal’s versatility but because it is one of the rarest metals found.

Platinum ring

Why platinum? – is the question on the minds of most people. Well, here’s the first reason – place gold and platinum together for 10 years. Gold will corrode in a way that won’t miss the eye. But platinum will be intact; just like you left it 10 years ago. If gold melts at 1064 degrees Celsius, platinum melts at a temperature than is an easy 700 degrees higher which gives it an indisputable upper-hand in its durability. Well yes, this makes it a tougher metal to form and therefore you will find platinum largely available in the form of love bands or platinum rings molded into designs that are less intricate than those made in gold, yet this is what builds the former’s resistance to damage.

The supply of this beautiful metal is far less, compared to gold and silver because it is found only in few places all over the world. Mines in Canada, Russia and South Africa have produced more platinum than the rest of the world. The elitist quality of this metal makes it ‘rich man’s gold’. No wonder a woman is found flaunting her platinum rings and even more so when it’s crowned by the queen of them all, a diamond!