Celebrities & Superstars using Buchu Health Products

South African celebrities and superstars are selecting buchu, the Western Cape’s wonder herb, as their organic treatment of choice.

The nondescript plant, which grows exclusively in the fynbos rich mountains of the Cederberg region, is laden with powerful antioxidants and vitamins, providing a natural immune booster with wide ranging health benefits.

Internationally Recognised Buchu

Oil extracted from the buchu herb in an organic process is carefully formulated into a range of buchu health products. It has been given the thumbs up by the ever vigilant FDA, an agency known for its stringent regulations.

A long list of global pharmacopoeia and medical journals has included the buchu herb as an effective medicinal alternative since 1914. It’s no wonder burly, bruised sports stars, chic surfers and social networkers are spreading the gospel far and wide!

Buchu’s Medicinal Qualities

Buchu is a natural diuretic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and an effective treatment for hypertension, one of the biggest killers in the world today.

With no side effects and scientific research firmly on its side, buchu is gaining an ever widening fan base amongst the young, not so young and vibrantly active of South African society.

Who’s using Buchu Health Products?

Roxy Louw, the Sexiest Woman in the World in 2010, is svelte, sporty and super active. When she’s not in front of the camera strutting her stuff as one of the most desirable models on the planet, Roxy is surfing the waves of the world. The popular local girl is so enamoured by buchu’s natural ability to provide relief from painful UTI infections, she’s become a BuchuLife ambassador!

Jacques Kallisis one of the greatest cricketers ever to play the game. The burly all-rounder has had his fair share of bruises, bumps and bone crunching battles with the cricket ball over his years at the crease. The exquisite right handed batsman, swing bowler and slips fielder is a firm believer in buchu’s innate ability to treat painful joint ache and proudly displays the BuchuLife logo on his bat.

South African pro surfer Jordy Smith is known and loved for his brave, funky manoeuvres on some of the fiercest waves on the planet. The J-Dog, who competes in the World Championship Tour, is currently ranked third in the world and although he pulls off rodeo flips with unmatched brilliance, he occasionally faces crunch time. Smith’s unerring confidence in buchu’s impressive antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities has prompted him to select Buchulife First Aid Gel over and above all other products.

DJ Fresh, disc jockey, social activist, businessman and house muso extraordinaire, maintains his high energy charisma and great health by sipping Buchulife Herbal Water throughout the day.

Where to Get Your Daily Dose of Buchu

The full range of buchu health products – BuchuLife UTI Relief Capsules, BuchuLife Joint Health Capsules, BuchuLife First Aid Gel and BuchuLife Sparkling Herbal Water – are showcased on the BuchuLife website.

Go online to browse the product range, recent research and fascinating information on the buchu herb before joining famous South Africans using Buchu health products.